NET PLAYZ Speed Radar Smart Pro Speed Meter

NET PLAYZ Speed Radar Smart Pro Speed Meter
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Ever dream of becoming a blazing fireball on the mound or a hitting machine at the plate? The NET PLAYZ Smart Trainer Combo is your secret weapon to take your baseball game to the next level. This awesome system packs three powerful tools into one package, so you can dominate the field solo or grab a buddy to train with.

The coolest part? The NET PLAYZ system has a built-in Sport Radar that works hands-free. No more begging your friend to hold the radar while you practice. Just fire away your pitches (from crazy fastball to sneaky curveball) and see your speed instantly on the clear LED display. This lets you fine-tune your throws and watch your hard work pay off with real results. Plus, the NET PLAYZ radar is way smaller than those clunky ones, so you can take it anywhere and practice anytime – no excuses!

NET PLAYZ Speed Radar Smart Pro Speed Meter

  •  Display Type: LED
  • Brand: NET PLAYZ
  • Power Source:  Battery Powered

Product Review

The NET PLAYZ Smart Baseball Trainer Combo testifies how technology can enhance sports training. Measuring the average speed from the object to the radar is pivotal for athletes improving their pitching, swinging, or shooting speed. The device’s compact dimensions (6.69″L x 4.53″W x 6.3″H) and battery-powered operation underscore its portability and ease of use in various training environments.

NET PLAYZ Speed Radar Smart Pro Speed Meter

The LED display is critical, offering clear visibility of speed readings even in bright outdoor conditions. This immediate feedback allows athletes to adjust their techniques in real-time, fostering a more efficient training session. Unlike other sports radars that might require an additional person to operate, the NET PLAYZ Trainer Combo is designed for solo use, ensuring athletes can train independently without compromising on the accuracy of their performance data.


  • Solo Training Capability: Allows athletes to use the device without assistance, promoting flexibility in training schedules.
  • Wide Measurement Range: It can measure speeds from 0 to 150mph, catering to a broad spectrum of sports and skill levels.
  • Portability and Ease of Use: Battery-powered and compact, it can be easily transported and set up anywhere, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Direct Line Requirement: To ensure accurate speed readings, the device must be aligned directly with the target’s trajectory, which may limit setup options.
  • Sport Specificity: Primarily designed for baseball and soccer, it might be less beneficial for athletes in other sports where speed measurement is less relevant.
  • Brand: NET PLAYZ
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Display Type: LED
  • Product Dimensions: 6.69″L x 4.53″W x 6.3″H
  • Key Features:
    • Special design for baseball pitching, bat swinging, and soccer shooting.
    • Measures the average speed from the object to the radar for accurate feedback.
    • Designed for accurate speed readings; maintain a direct line with the speed gun for best results.
    • Usable by a single person, making it ideal for solo training sessions.
    • It has hands-free speed measurement capability, ranging from 0 to 150mph, allowing various sports applications.

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It’s ideal for pitching, bat swinging, and soccer shooting training, and it’s primarily designed for baseball and soccer.

The device offers high accuracy when the target is in a direct line with the radar, suitable for speeds ranging from 0 to 150mph.

Yes, while optimized for baseball and soccer, it can measure the speed of any object within its speed range, making it versatile for various sports.

Yes, with its compact size (6.69″L x 4.53″W x 6.3″H) and battery-powered operation, it’s designed for easy transport and use anywhere.

Yes, it can be used indoors, provided there is sufficient space and a clear line of sight for accurate speed measurement.

The specifics of the battery type are not mentioned; please refer to the product manual for details. Batteries may or may not be included.

The NET PLAYZ Smart Trainer Combo is your coach, all-in-one. Get instant feedback and personalized training plans, and practice solo or with a buddy.
Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned baller, NET PLAYZ helps you level up. The net lets you hone your swing repeatedly, building muscle memory. The target panel turns you into a sharpshooter, and the radar tracks your progress to keep you fired up.
Ditch the frustration of ineffective training. NET PLAYZ lets you train smarter, not harder. Become the baseball master you were meant to be and crush the competition. Grab your NET PLAYZ Smart Trainer Combo today and start hitting dingers!