AOFAR Military Compass

AOFAR Military Compass
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Ever get lost on a hike and wish you had a reliable compass? Look no further than the AOFAR AF-4580 Military Compass! This tough-as-nails compass is built for adventure. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and ready for anything nature throws your way. This compass will help you navigate confidently. The AOFAR compass has a luminous dial that glows in the dark, so you can always find your way, even at night. It also has a built-in magnifier to help you read maps and a slope chart to help you determine inclines. Plus, it comes with a handy carrying pouch to keep it protected.
Ditch the phone apps and reconnect with nature. The AOFAR AF-4580 Military Compass is the perfect companion for your next camping trip, hike, or outdoor adventure.

AOFAR Military Compass

  •  Color: Black
  • Brand: AOFAR
  • Material:  Zinc

Product Review

The AOFAR Military Compass, AF-4580, is more than just a navigational instrument; it’s a durable, precision-engineered tool designed for the rigors of outdoor activities. Crafted from heavy-duty zinc, the compass’s metal body is waterproof and shakeproof, ensuring it remains functional in all weather conditions. Its compact size, measuring 4.25 inches in length and 3.15 inches in width, and weighing just 7.84 ounces, makes it an ideal companion for any adventure, fitting easily into a pocket or attached via its black lanyard for quick access.
The compass features a thermoelastic liquid-filled capsule that enhances accuracy, a crucial aspect for navigation in unfamiliar terrains. The luminous magnet arrow and dial ensure readability in low light conditions, while the adjustable prism lens facilitates precise readings.

AOFAR Military Compass

Its unique design incorporates a magnifier viewer, an aiming line for enhanced directional orientation, and a tripod connection for stationary use. A slope chart adds another utility layer for mapping and positioning, making the AF-4580 an indispensable multifunctional outdoor navigation tool.
Moreover, the compass’s design thoughtfully considers its users’ needs. The floating compass dial with a 360° scale allows easy and accurate bearing readings. The waterproof and shakeproof features attest to its ruggedness, making it suitable for the most demanding outdoor environments. Whether mapping, positioning or simply exploring the AOFAR Military Compass is engineered to be your reliable guide.


  • Durability and Reliability: With a body made from heavy-duty zinc, this compass is built to endure challenging outdoor conditions. Its waterproof and shakeproof features ensure it remains operational in diverse weather situations, making it a reliable tool for adventurers.
  • High Precision: The compass’s thermoelastic liquid-filled capsule and adjustable prism lens contribute to its high accuracy. The luminous magnet arrow and dial are designed for easy readability, even in low-light conditions, enhancing usability in all environments.
  • Multifunctional Design: Beyond basic navigation, the AF-4580 offers features like a slope chart, magnifier viewer, and an aiming line. These additions provide users with a comprehensive tool for detailed mapping, positioning, and orientation tasks, adding significant value for outdoor activities enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for Various Activities: Whether camping, hiking, adventure, positioning, or mapping, the AF-4580’s versatility makes it ideal many outdoor pursuits.


  • Learning Curve: The compass’s advanced features and functionality may present a steep learning curve for novices. Mastery of its various capabilities requires time and practice, which might deter beginners.
  • Visibility in Extreme Darkness: While the luminous dial and magnet arrow offer low-light visibility, in complete darkness without any light source, it might be challenging to read the compass without additional illumination.
  • Brand: AOFAR
  • Material: Zinc
  • Item Weight: 7.84 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 4.25 “L x 3.15” W
  • Special Feature: Waterproof
  • Durability: Made with durable military metal, ensuring longevity and reliability in outdoor conditions.
  • Accuracy: Features a thermoelastic liquid-filled capsule for high-accuracy navigation.
  • Waterproof and Shakeproof: Designed to perform well in all weather conditions, enhancing its usability across diverse environments.
  • Unique Design Elements:
    • Luminous Magnet Arrow and Dial: Enhances visibility in low light conditions, aiding in night navigation.
    • Aiming Line: For improved directional orientation.
    • Magnifier Viewer: Helps in reading detailed map features.
    • Tripod Connection: Allows for stationary use, facilitating accurate positioning and mapping.
    • Reading Eyepiece: Provides a focused view for precision.
    • Heavy-Duty Zinc Die-Cast: Ensures the compass’s durability and resistance to impacts.
    • Slope Chart: Useful for assessing terrain and planning routes.
  • Multifunctional Capabilities:
    • Floating Compass Dial with 360° Scale: Offers comprehensive bearing information.
    • Adjustable Prism Lens: Allows for precise readings.
  • Portability: A waterproof pouch and a black lanyard make it easy to carry and accessible during outdoor activities.
  • Ideal for Various Activities: It is perfect for camping, hiking, adventure, positioning, mapping, and other outdoor pursuits.

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Its durable construction, waterproof and shakeproof design, and high accuracy make it ideal for all weather conditions and terrains, suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Yes, the luminous magnet arrow and dial enhance visibility in low-light conditions, making it usable at night. For optimal visibility, expose the compass to a light source before use in darkness.

Built with heavy-duty zinc and designed to be waterproof and shakeproof, it is highly durable and capable of withstanding rugged outdoor use.

Yes, it includes a waterproof pouch, a black lanyard for easy carrying, and a leather belt loop for attachment, ensuring the compass is always within reach.

The adjustable prism lens allows for precise sighting and reading of the compass dial, enhancing accuracy when navigating or mapping.

Yes, it features a tripod connection, allowing it to be mounted for stationary use, which is particularly useful for mapping or extended observation.

Forget wrestling with unreliable phone reception and dead batteries. The AOFAR AF-4580 Compass is like having a trusty guide by your side, always ready to point you north, no matter the weather. It’s built to endure the bumps and scrapes of adventure, just like a loyal companion.

So ditch the bulky GPS and rediscover the simple satisfaction of navigating with a map and compass. With the AOFAR by your hip, you’ll be ready to conquer any trail, feeling the thrill of self-reliance with every step. After all, some journeys are best experienced the old-fashioned way.