Keenso Bike Odometer

Keenso Bike Odometer
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Track your rides and improve your performance with the Keenso Bike Odometer, a lightweight and portable bicycle speedometer. This easy-to-install device features a large, clear LCD showing you essential real-time cycling data, including distance, speed (average and maximum), time, and even calories burned.

The Keenso Odometer is your perfect cycling companion, waterproof and built to last. It’s loaded with features like a stopwatch, maintenance reminders, and temperature readings, all accessible simply. Keenso guarantees excellent customer service and a satisfaction warranty, so you can ride confidently.  Note: It is not compatible with solid wheels.

Keenso Bike Odometer

  •  Sensor Type: Speed Sensor
  • Brand: Keenso
  • Item Weight:  0.1 Kilograms

Product Review

The Keenso Bike Odometer is crafted to cater to the enthusiastic cyclist’s needs, combining functionality, durability, and ease of use in a compact, portable design. Featuring a clear LCD, the odometer offers visibility and readability under various lighting conditions, ensuring you always remain informed about your cycling metrics. This product records speed, distance,time and its comprehensive suite of features that tracks calorie consumption, temperature, including a stopwatch and maintenance reminder. This level of detail provides a holistic view of your cycling performance and needs.
Installation is straightforward, requiring no specialized tools or skills, a significant plus for cyclists who prefer to set up their gear independently. Including a waterproof rubber ring is useful in diverse weather conditions, from sunny days to rainy afternoons, ensuring that your cycling plans remain uninterrupted.

Keenso Bike Odometer

Weighing in at just 0.1 kilograms, the Keenso Bike Odometer is impressively lightweight, making it an unnoticeable addition to your bike setup. Yet, its premium quality plastic construction promises durability and longevity.
In testing, the Keenso Bike Odometer’s performance in tracking real-time cycling data was impressive. The accuracy of the speed sensor, along with the odometer’s ability to capture a wide range of cycling metrics, provides detailed insight into each ride. Whether you want to improve your speed, monitor your calorie burn, or enjoy your ride peacefully, this odometer covers you.
However, it’s worth noting that the product is unsuitable for solid wheels, a limitation that potential buyers should consider.


  • Ease of Installation: The Keenso Bike Odometer is designed for hassle-free installation, allowing even those with minimal technical skills to set it up quickly, following the user manual. This accessibility ensures that cyclists can focus more on their ride and less on setup complexities.
  • Waterproof Design: One of the standout features is its waterproof capability. Including a waterproof rubber ring ensures that the odometer functions optimally even in adverse weather conditions, making it a reliable companion for all-season cycling.
  • Lightweight and Durable: Despite its lightweight nature, the odometer does not compromise on durability. 
  • Comprehensive Functionality: Beyond basic metrics like distance, speed, and time, the odometer offers additional features such as calorie consumption tracking, temperature reading, a stopwatch, and maintenance reminders. This wide array of functions caters to cyclists’ varied interests and requirements, making every ride informative and enjoyable.
  • Clear LCD Display: The large screen and LCD ensure easy readability, allowing cyclists to glance at their metrics without straining, regardless of the time of day or lighting conditions.


  • Not Suitable for Solid Wheels: A notable limitation is its incompatibility with solid wheels, which may restrict its use for some cyclists, particularly those using urban or special-purpose bikes designed with these wheel types.
  • Plastic Material: While the high-quality plastic construction contributes to its lightweight nature, some cyclists might prefer materials that feel more premium or offer higher resistance to extreme conditions.
  • Brand: Keenso
  • Color: As picture shown
  • Item Weight: 0.1 Kilograms
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Sensor Type: Speed Sensor
  • Installation: According to the user manual, installation is easy to install with no special technique.
  • Waterproof: Features a rubber ring for safe use on rainy days and adverse weather conditions.
  • Portability and Durability: It boasts a large screen and easy-to-read LCD. It is made of premium-quality plastic, making it lightweight yet durable.
  • Functionality: Tracks outdoor cycling in real time distance, maximum speed, average speed, driving time, calorie consumption, and temperature. It includes a stopwatch, maintenance reminder, and more.
  • Compatibility: Not suitable for solid wheels, designed for use with standard bicycle wheel types.
  • Customer Service: Keenso offers professional, premium aftermarket replacement and excellent customer service with a 100% satisfaction warranty.

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The Keenso Bike Odometer is designed with a waterproof rubber ring that ensures it remains functional even in heavy rain, providing reliable performance in all weather conditions.

It is ideal for a wide range of bicycles, including mountain bikes and electronic bikes, but it is unsuitable for bikes with solid wheels due to the specifics of how the speed sensor operates.

Absolutely. It tracks real-time distance, maximum speed, average speed, driving time, calorie consumption, and more, allowing you to monitor your progress and performance over time.

While the Keenso Bike Odometer provides a good estimation of temperature and calorie consumption, it’s important to note that these are calculated based on general algorithms. Specialized equipment may be required for precise measurements.

Minimal maintenance is required. Keeping the device and its sensor clean and securely attached is generally sufficient. The odometer also features a maintenance reminder to help you keep track of any necessary upkeep.

Keenso offers excellent customer service and a professional, premium aftermarket replacement guarantee. If you encounter any issues, contacting their support team is the best way to get prompt assistance.

Don’t settle for guessing your cycling performance – upgrade your rides with the feature-packed Keenso Bike Odometer. This easy-to-use and waterproof computer tracks everything from distance and speed to calories burned, all on a clear LCD. The durable design ensures it tackles any weather condition, while the long list of features keeps you informed and motivated. Backed by Keenso’s service guarantee, you can ride confidently, knowing you’re getting a reliable and accurate cycling companion. Take your performance to the next level, order your Keenso Bike Odometer today!