NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoops 

NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoops 
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Has the treadmill got you down? Are you stuck in a rut with your usual workout routine? Ditch the boredom and rediscover the joy of exercise with the NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoop! This isn’t your childhood plastic hoop—this innovative weighted wonder is designed to help you torch calories and sculpt your core with a smile on your face.

Imagine this: you’re hula-ing away to your favorite tunes, feeling the smooth, comfortable foam padding against your skin. No more worries about bruises or sore spots – this hoop is gentle on beginners. Plus, unlike those flimsy old hoops, the NEOWEEK uses top-notch, crack-resistant foam that can handle your workout intensity. The best part? It comes apart easily for storage so you can take your fitness fun anywhere!

NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoops 

  •  Product Dimensions: 38″L x 38″W
  • Brand: NEOWEEK
  • Material:  Plastic

Product Review

This NEOWEEK 2lb weighted hula hoop is a fun to any workout routine. The smooth foam padding is comfortable against the skin, even during extended use, which is a major plus for beginners who might be worried about bruising. Unlike some other weighted hoops on the market, the NEOWEEK hoop uses high-density foam that’s more durable and crack-resistant, so you can focus on your workout without worrying about damaging the equipment.

NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoops 

The detachable design is a game-changer. It makes the hoop easy to assemble and store, occupying minimal space in your home gym. The adjustable size allows users to customize the diameter to fit their needs. This is a great feature, especially for those new to hula hooping or who want to increase the difficulty as they gradually get stronger. Overall, the NEOWEEK hoop is a well-designed and user-friendly product that adds fun to a calorie-burning workout.


  • Comfortable for beginners: The smooth foam padding is gentle on the skin and helps prevent bruising, making it easier to stick with a hula hoop workout routine.
  • Durable and crack-resistant: The high-density foam material is built to last, unlike other weighted hoops on the market that can crack easily.
  • Easy to assemble and store: The detachable conveniently stores the hoop when not in use.
  • Adjustable size: The hoop can be adjusted to different diameters to fit various users and fitness levels. 
  • Effective workout: Hula hooping can burn calories and strengthen core muscles, making it a valuable addition to any fitness routine.


  • May be too heavy for some beginners: While the 2lb weight is beneficial for a workout, it might be too heavy for some beginners to handle comfortably.
  • Bulkier than traditional hula hoops: The weighted design makes the NEOWEEK hoop bulkier than a traditional hula hoop, which could take some getting used to.
  • Product: NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoop for Adults (Weighted Hula Hoop)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 2lbs
    • Size: Assembled diameter: 38 inches
    • Adjustable to smaller diameters by removing sections
    • Design: Smooth, comfortable foam padding
    • Detachable sections for easy assembly and storage
  • Target age group: Adults
  • Color: Pink-gray
    • Benefits: Comfortable for beginners
    • Durable and crack-resistant
    • Adjustable size for customization
    • Fun and engaging exercise
    • Effective core workout

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Yes! The NEOWEEK hoop features smooth foam padding that’s gentle on the skin to prevent bruising, making it easier for beginners to get started.

This hoop is built to last! It uses high-density foam that’s more crack-resistant than some other weighted hoops on the market.

 Absolutely! The detachable design allows you to take the hoop apart for easy storage, occupying minimal space in your home gym.

Yes! The NEOWEEK hoop is designed with adjustable sections. You can remove sections to create a smaller diameter that’s perfect for your height or fitness level.

The assembled hoop has a diameter of 38 inches. However, you can adjust it down to 32 inches or 28 inches by removing sections.

The hoop weighs 2lbs, which is ideal for a good workout. However, if you’re a complete beginner, you might find it more comfortable to start with a lighter weight hoop.

Who says exercise can’t be fun? The NEOWEEK 2lb Exercise Hoop is your perfect match. This innovative weighted wonder goes way beyond your childhood plastic hoop. Forget about bruises and sore spots – the NEOWEEK hoop features smooth, comfortable foam padding that’s gentle on beginners. Unlike some bulky weighted hoops, the NEOWEEK design is sleek and smooth, making it less intimidating. Plus, the high-density foam is built to last, so you can focus on your workout and not worry about cracks.

The NEOWEEK hoop isn’t just about comfort and durability; it injects serious fun into your fitness routine. Imagine this: you’re hula-ing away to your favorite tunes, feeling the rhythm and the burn. The adjustable size lets you customize the diameter to fit your body and fitness level. Start smaller and work your way up as you get stronger, making this a great long-term investment. It’s effective; it brings back childhood nostalgia while giving you a serious core workout that energises you. So, ditch the boredom and rediscover the joy of exercise with the NEOWEEK hoop!