Himiway Bike Computer ANT+ & GPS Wireless 

Himiway Bike Computer ANT+ & GPS Wireless 
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Calling all cyclists! Take your rides to the next level with the Himiway Bike Computer, a feature-packed GPS companion. This wireless computer boasts high-accuracy GPS positioning, allowing you to track your route anywhere in the world, from mountain trails to city streets.
The Himiway continues beyond distance. Pair it with ANT+ compatible sensors (sold separately) to monitor your heart rate, cadence, and power output, giving you valuable data to optimize your training. Bluetooth lets you sync your rides with the companion app (XOSS) for detailed analysis, route planning, and firmware updates.
The crystal-clear 2.9-inch LCD with auto-backlight ensures readability in all conditions, while the computer’s IP67 waterproof rating keeps it functioning flawlessly, rain or shine. The Himiway Bike Computer offers the tools to elevate your rides.

Himiway Bike Computer ANT+ & GPS Wireless 

  •  Color: Bike Computer(upgrade)
  • Brand: Himiway
  • Sensor Type:  Cadence Sensor

Product Review

The Himiway Bike Computer GPS Wireless with Mount is a state-of-the-art cycling accessory that promises to revolutionize how cyclists interact with their environment and track their performance. At the heart of this device is its dynamic GPS positioning, boasting a high sensitivity and accuracy fine-tuned with a Swiss-imported navigating chip. This feature ensures that your location is pinpointed with unparalleled precision, whether you’re cycling in the remote wilderness, navigating the urban jungle, or exploring the undulating dunes of a desert. The GPS tracks your route and, when paired with a smartphone via Bluetooth, allows for a seamless synchronization with the accompanying app. This integration enables riders to review their routes post-ride, adding an analytical edge to the cycling experience.
The Himiway Bike Computer further distinguishes itself with its ANT+ sync sensor capability. This technology connects with various external sensors, including heart rate monitors, speed and cadence sensors, and power meters. Such connectivity offers cyclists a comprehensive overview of their riding metrics, facilitating a more scientific and data-driven approach to training and performance improvement.

Himiway Bike Computer ANT+ & GPS Wireless 

Bluetooth 5.0 app connection is another standout feature, offering ease of setup and use. Through the app, cyclists can effortlessly configure the device, upload GPS track route maps, record and analyze cycling activity records, and update the latest firmware. This level of compatibility and adaptability ensures that the Himiway Bike Computer remains a versatile tool suited to the needs of nearly all cyclists, regardless of the sensors or devices they use.
For those keen on sharing and analyzing their cycling data, the device’s integration with Strava via the app is a noteworthy addition. This feature allows for synchronising workout data directly to a Strava account, providing a platform for cyclists to monitor their progress and engage with a community of like-minded individuals.
The physical design of the Himiway Bike Computer doesn’t disappoint either. It has a 2.9-inch screen incorporates FSTN technology for clear visibility under various lighting conditions, including solid sunlight and overcast skies. The automatic backlight adjustment feature, based on the time of sunrise and sunset in different time zones, further enhances its usability. Additionally, its IP67 waterproof rating ensures the device functions flawlessly, even in rainy conditions, making it a reliable gadget for all weather.


  • Dynamic GPS Positioning: Including a Swiss-imported navigating chip ensures high sensitivity and accuracy in GPS tracking, making it reliable in various environments, from dense forests to urban landscapes.
  • ANT+ Sync Sensor Compatibility: This feature allows for seamless connection with external sensors, such as heart rate monitors and cadence sensors, offering a holistic view of cycling performance metrics.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 App Connection: The device’s ability to connect with an app via Bluetooth enhances user experience by simplifying device setup, route tracking, and data analysis, all while ensuring compatibility with a wide range of sensors.
  • Strava Integration: For cyclists who enjoy sharing their rides and monitoring their performance, the ability to sync data directly with a Strava account is a valuable feature.
  • Visibility and Waterproofing: The bike computer’s 2.9-inch FSTN technology screen provides clear visibility under different lighting conditions. Its IP67 waterproof rating also means that cyclists can venture out in any weather without concern for their devices.


  • Complexity for Beginners: The wide array of features and settings may initially seem daunting for those new to using advanced cycling computers.
  • Dependency on External Sensors: While the ANT+ sync sensor compatibility is a significant advantage, it also means that cyclists may need to invest in additional sensors to utilize the device’s capabilities fully.
  • Brand: Himiway
  • Colour: Bike Computer(upgrade)
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Sensor Type: Cadence Sensor
  • Included Components: Bike Computer(upgrade)
  • GPS Positioning: Dynamic GPS positioning with high sensitivity, accuracy, and faster positioning. The navigating chip is imported from Switzerland.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 App Connection: This technology allows for easy setup and customization through a smartphone app and is compatible with 99% of the market’s sensors.
  • Strava Integration: Sync activity (.FIT file) directly to a Strava account via the app for monitoring and sharing cycling activity.
  • Display: Equipped with a 2.9-inch screen incorporating FSTN technology for clear visibility in various lighting conditions. The screen automatically adjusts backlight based on the time of sunrise and sunset.
  • Waterproof Rating: IP67, ensuring functionality in rainy conditions.
  • Other Features:
    • Provides more than 40 kinds of customized cycling data.
    • Flexible data service solutions for personalized cycling needs.
    • Automatic backlight adjustment for enhanced visibility.

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The Himiway Bike Computer uses a high-sensitivity navigating chip imported from Switzerland. It is designed to maintain accurate GPS tracking even in areas with traditionally poor signal reception. Its advanced technology ensures reliable positioning across various terrains, including dense forests and deep valleys.

This device is compatible with sensors that support ANT+ connectivity, which includes a wide range of brands and models. It’s designed to be as versatile as possible, accommodating 99% of the sensors available on the market.

The battery life of the Himiway Bike Computer depends on the usage and the features activated during your ride (e.g., GPS tracking and sensor connectivity). For typical use, it is designed to last through long rides. However, cyclists planning exceptionally lengthy journeys should consider charging the device fully before departure and, if possible, carry a portable charger.

The Himiway Bike Computer can function independently for basic tracking and display purposes. However, connecting it to a smartphone via Bluetooth and the app unlocks its full potential, allowing for route tracking, data analysis, and firmware updates.

There is no subscription fee for using the app’s basic features or for GPS tracking. Some advanced features or integrations, like syncing data with Strava, may require a subscription, but this depends on the third-party service rather than the Himiway Bike Computer itself.

The Himiway Bike Computer is designed for durability and can withstand the typical impacts associated with cycling. However, like any electronic device, handling it carefully and protecting it as much as possible from severe impacts is advisable.

Forget squinting at your phone for directions—the Himiway Bike Computer is like a tiny GPS sidekick for your handlebars. This nifty gadget tracks your rides accurately, whether you’re conquering a mountain path or weaving through city streets. It’s like having a personal cheerleader who tells you exactly how far you’ve crushed and the route you took to get there.

Plus, the Himiway goes beyond just distance. Want to see how hard your heart’s pumping or how fast your legs are spinning? Just pair it with some sensor buddies (sold separately) and it’ll dish out all the data you need to become a cycling superstar. The best part? It connects to your phone with Bluetooth, so you can analyze your rides, plan epic adventures, and even brag about your achievements on Strava (think Facebook for cyclists).

Sun or rain, the Himiway won’t let you down. The big, clear screen is easy to read, even when the sun’s trying to blind you, and it automatically lights up depending on the time of day. It’s waterproof, so you can ride through a downpour without worrying about short-circuiting your little data buddy. The Himiway Bike Computer is like having a personal coach and cheerleader strapped to your handlebars, ready to help you conquer every ride.