CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer

CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer
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CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer is a feature-packed gadget that is the perfect companion for rides of any distance.
CrazyFire boasts a sleek and lightweight design. It can be easily mounted on any bike—road, mountain, folding, you name it! Don’t worry about compatibility; it works seamlessly with various wheel sizes. The computer instantly wakes up with a simple touch, ready to track your journey.
This little powerhouse goes beyond just showing your speed. It meticulously records your total mileage, trip distance, maximum speed, average speed, and even your riding time. Plus, the automatic circulation function lets you easily switch between these metrics at a glance.
The best part? CrazyFire is built to last. Its waterproof design ensures worry-free riding, no matter the weather. Elevate your cycling experience with CrazyFire’s data-driven insights.

CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer

  •  Color: Black
  • Brand: CrazyFire
  • Item weight:  0.01 Pounds

Product Review

The CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer is not just another accessory; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to elevate your cycling experience. At the heart of its design is the promise of functionality and ease of use, embodied in its sleek black casing. Weighing a mere 0.01 pounds, it is incredibly lightweight, ensuring that it adds no significant bulk to your ride.
The device’s intuitive interface, combining touchscreen and button inputs, makes navigation through its various functions smooth and straightforward. Whether you’re keeping an eye on your total lifetime mileage (OBD), monitoring your single journey distance (DST), or aiming to break your maximum riding speed (MXS), this gadget has you covered.

CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer

It doesn’t stop there; with capabilities to track your average riding speed (AVS), riding time (TM), and even an automatic circulation function (SCAN), it provides a comprehensive overview of your cycling performance.
What sets the CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer apart is its universal compatibility. This device is designed to fit seamlessly. Its versatility is a significant advantage, ensuring no cyclist is left behind, regardless of their preferred style or bike type. Installation is straightforward, with clear instructions provided, although it’s noted that these may not be in English.
Beyond its technical capabilities, the CrazyFire Bicycle Computer Speedometer is built to withstand the elements. Its waterproof design means that rain or shine, your cycling adventure continues uninterrupted.


  • Universal Compatibility: Fits all types of bicycles, making it a versatile choice for every cyclist.
  • Comprehensive Tracking Features: From total mileage to average speed, it provides a detailed overview of your cycling performance.
  • Waterproof Design: Ensures durability and functionality in all weather conditions.
  • Lightweight: Easy to carry and install, it adds minimal bulk to your bicycle.
  • Intuitive Interface: Combines touchscreen and buttons for easy navigation.


  • Installation Instructions Need to be Guaranteed in English: May pose a challenge for non-English speakers.
  • Limited to Speed and Distance Tracking: While comprehensive, it lacks some advanced features like GPS navigation and connectivity options found in more expensive models.
  • Brand: CrazyFire
  • Colour: Black
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Sensor Type: Speed Sensor
  • Human Interface Input: Touchscreen, Buttons
  • Key Features:
    • Bicycle Speedometer: This device tracks various cycling metrics, including total lifetime mileage (OBD), single journey distance (DST), maximum riding speed (MXS), average riding speed (AVS), and riding time (TM). It also features an automatic circulation function (SCAN).
    • Universal Fit: It is compatible with all types of bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, and general bikes. With proper installation, it adjusts to any wheel size.
    • Practical and Responsive: Records speed and distance accurately without delay. Resumes tracking automatically when you start riding.
    • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to carry and install, adding minimal weight to the bicycle.
    • Waterproof Design: Suitable for all weather conditions, allowing for cycling adventures even in the rain.
  • Installation Note: The product includes installation instructions, though the availability of instructions in English is not guaranteed.

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It’s compatible with all types, including road, mountain, folding, and general bikes.

Yes, it’s waterproof, making it suitable for use in any weather condition, including rain.

Yes, it tracks your cycling speed in real-time, offering immediate feedback on your performance.

It tracks both your single journey distance (DST) and total lifetime mileage (OBD).

It weighs just 0.01 pounds, so it’s very lightweight and won’t add significant bulk to your bike.

The combination of touchscreen and buttons offers an intuitive and convenient way to navigate the device’s functions.

Ever squint at your phone trying to track your ride with some janky app? Ditch the struggle and say hello to CrazyFire, your friendly neighborhood bike computer! This little guy isn’t just about showing your speed (although it does that brilliantly). It’s like having a personal cheerleader on your handlebars, keeping tabs on your total miles conquered, how far you crushed on that last leg, and even your fastest burst. Plus, it remembers your best average speed, urging you to beat it next time.
CrazyFire fits snugly on any bike, from your trusty road steed to your weekend mountain warrior. No fancy setup is needed; just a quick mount and you’re ready. Rain or shine, this little buddy won’t let you down. It’s built to brave the elements, so you can focus on enjoying the ride.
Think of CrazyFire as your cycling partner in crime. It tracks your progress, pushes you a little, and celebrates every victory (even those sneaky personal bests you set on your usual route). So, ditch the guesswork and get riding with CrazyFire. It’s time to transform your cycling experience, one data point and epic adventure at a time!