Bike Odometer Set

Bike Odometer Set
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Level up your rides with the Alomejor Bike Odometer Set! It’s like having a personal cycling coach strapped to your handlebars.
Imagine crushing a climb, only to glance down and see a new personal best for speed. Or picture conquering a long route, the odometer confirming you smashed your distance goal. This baby tracks it all – current speed, total distance, trip time, you name it – with a clear display that won’t leave you squinting, even at dusk.
Plus, it’s built tough. Rain or shine, dusty trails or paved paths, this odometer won’t quit. Made from top-notch materials, it’s dustproof and waterproof and runs on a battery that lasts forever. Easy to set up and use, the Alomejor Odometer Set is your new best riding buddy. Ditch the guesswork and unlock a new level of cycling fun with data that empowers you to ride stronger, farther, and happier!

Bike Odometer Set

  •  Mounting Type: Handlebar Mount
  • Brand: Alomejor
  • Sensor Type:  Speed Sensor

Product Review

The Alomejor Bike Odometer Set emerges as a beacon of innovation in the cycling accessory market, offering a blend of essential features and enhanced durability that caters to the needs of every cycling enthusiast. At the heart of this device is its premium PVC construction, which contributes to its lightweight profile and resilience against dust and water, making it an all-weather, all-terrain companion. This choice of material signifies a commitment to durability without compromising the device’s portability or the bike’s aerodynamics.
A standout feature of the Alomejor odometer is its large LCD, designed to provide clear and immediate access to vital cycling data. Whether it’s speed, distance, or time, the information is presented in a bright, easy-to-read format, particularly beneficial during intense rides or when navigating through varied lighting conditions. Integrating an intelligent backlight system takes this a step further, ensuring that the display remains visible under the bright sun and during the night or in low-light conditions. This feature underscores the device’s versatility and ability to adapt to the cyclist’s environment, enhancing safety and convenience.

Bike Odometer Set

The odometer’s energy efficiency is another critical aspect, powered by a strong button battery known for its longevity. This focus on power saving ensures that cyclists does not do battery replacements, a common concern among electronic cycling accessories. The ease of installation is a nod to user-friendly design, allowing riders of various skill levels to set up the device quickly on their handlebars without needing professional assistance.
Moreover, the odometer’s functionality extends beyond basic speed and distance tracking. Including a wired extension mount facilitates a secure and customizable installation and optimizes the sensor’s accuracy in speed measurement. This attention to precision reflects Alomejor’s commitment to providing cyclists with reliable data to monitor their performance and progress.
The Alomejor Bike Odometer Set is a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction. Balancing functionality with durability addresses cyclists’ core needs, offering them a tool that enhances their riding experience and empowers them to achieve their cycling goals.


  • Durability and Weather Resistance: The premium PVC material ensures the device is lightweight and capable of withstanding adverse weather conditions, including dust and water exposure. This durability makes it a reliable companion for all cycling adventures, from urban commuting to off-road escapades.
  • Energy Efficiency: Powered by a robust button battery, the odometer is designed for long-lasting use, minimizing the need for frequent battery replacements. This energy-efficient design ensures that cyclists can depend on the device for continuous performance monitoring over extended periods.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The straightforward handlebar mounting process and the inclusion of a wired extension mount enhance the device’s ease of use. This feature allows cyclists of all skill levels to install the odometer quickly without needing specialized tools or professional help.
  • Versatile Functionality: Beyond basic speed and distance tracking, the device’s accurate speed sensor and additional functions provide cyclists with comprehensive data to analyze their performance and progress. This versatility makes it an invaluable tool for casual rides and training sessions.


  • Wired Design: While the wired extension mount contributes to the device’s accuracy, it may pose an installation challenge for some cyclists, particularly those who prefer a cleaner, wire-free setup. The presence of wires could be seen as a drawback regarding aesthetics and convenience.
  • Limited Advanced Features: For cyclists seeking more advanced analytics, such as GPS tracking, altitude, or connectivity with other devices, the Alomejor Bike Odometer might fall short. Its focus remains on core functionalities, which might not satisfy the needs of more tech-savvy riders.
  • Brand: Alomejor
  • Product Dimensions: 3.54″L x 0.59″W x 1.77″H
  • Display Type: LCD
  • Sensor Type: Speed Sensor
  • Mounting Type: Handlebar Mount
  • Material: Premium PVC (lightweight, dustproof, waterproof, sturdy, and durable)
  • Display Features: Large LCD with clear and bright visibility
  • Backlight: Intelligent backlight design ensures clear visibility in both day and night conditions
  • Battery: Powered by a strong button battery for long-lasting use
  • Installation: Easy to install on the bike, suitable for all cycling enthusiasts
  • Warranty: 180 days

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The odometer is designed for easy installation on your bicycle handlebar. It has a wired extension mount securely attaches to your bike, allowing for accurate speed sensing.

Yes, the Alomejor Bike Odometer is versatile and can be mounted on most types of bicycles, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and hybrids. Its adjustable handlebar mount ensures a secure fit on different bike models.

Absolutely. The odometer features a large LCD with a clear and bright screen that is easily readable in various lighting conditions. Additionally, its intelligent backlight design ensures you can view your data clearly at night or in low-light conditions.

Constructed from premium PVC material, the Alomejor Bike Odometer is both dustproof and waterproof. This makes it highly durable and reliable in all weather conditions, ensuring that your ride data is always tracked, no matter the environment.

While its primary functions include tracking speed and distance, the odometer also provides other essential data points such as time, aiding riders in monitoring their performance and progress comprehensively during their rides.

Alomejor provides a 180-day warranty for the bike odometer set, covering any defects or issues that may arise. If you experience any problems, you’re encouraged to contact their customer service or claim a warranty service.

Alomejor Bike Odometer isn’t just about numbers; it’s about pushing yourself further and celebrating those victories. It tracks everything you care about – speed, distance, time – on a clear display that won’t leave you squinting, even when the sun dips low. Plus, it’s built like a champ. Rain or shine, it can handle anything you throw at it. Think of it as a worry-free sidekick – dustproof, waterproof, and with a battery that seems to last forever. The Alomejor Odometer Set is your new cycling partner and is easy to set up and use. So ditch the guesswork and unlock a whole new level of riding fun! This odometer gives you the data to ride stronger, farther, and with a smile on your face. It’s an investment, sure, but one that pays off in pure cycling joy. And hey, if anything goes wrong in the first six months, their awesome customer support has your back. Now get out there and ride!