Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Compass

Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Compass
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The TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass is perfect for anyone who wants to explore the wilderness confidently, from seasoned hikers and campers to curious kids and budding scouts.

This compact and lightweight compass packs a powerful punch. The easy-to-read baseplate features a 360-degree rotating bezel and a magnetic needle that settles quickly and points you accurately north. A built-in magnifying glass lets you decipher even the most intricate details on topographical maps, while the 1:24000 ruler scale aids in precise route planning.

Don’t be fooled by its size—the TurnOnSport compass is a professional-grade tool built for adventure. Whether navigating dense forests, scaling mountains, or enjoying a leisurely kayak trip, this compass will keep you on track.  Its high-quality construction ensures durability, so you can trust it to perform in any environment.

This compass is more than just a navigational tool; it’s a potential lifesaver. The TurnOnSport compass can help you find your way back to safety when all else fails in an emergency. The lanyard keeps it conveniently at hand,  so you’ll always be prepared. The TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass is ideal for beginner scouts, seasoned hikers, or anyone who enjoys exploring the great outdoors. This versatile and affordable compass is valuable to any adventurer’s toolkit.

Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Compass

  •  Special Feature: Portable
  • Brand: TurnOnSport
  • Material:  Nylon

Product Review

In outdoor exploration, the TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass emerges as a quintessential tool that marries durability with precision. Crafted with a robust nylon material, this compass is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor activities while ensuring a lightweight portability that is crucial for backpackers and hikers. Its 4″L x 2.4″W dimensions make it an ideal size for easy handling without compromising visibility.
At the heart of this compass is its Acrylic Baseplate with an Azimuth bearing and a 360-degree rotating bezel, which facilitates easy and accurate reading. Including a magnetic needle housed in a liquid-filled capsule guarantees a bubble-free and swift orientation towards the North. This feature is significant in ensuring adventurers can rely on the compass for quick and precise directional guidance, even in challenging conditions.
Another notable feature is the Magnifying Glass integrated into the compass. This addition is a tool for map reading and a thoughtful inclusion for navigating geological maps, where every detail matters. The compass also boasts a Ruler Scale of 1:24000, making route mapping and distance estimation both precise and convenient.

Orienteering Compass Hiking Backpacking Compass

What sets the TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass apart is its versatility and user-friendliness. Whether you’re a Boy Scout on your first camping trip or a seasoned adventurer traversing rugged terrains, this compass offers the functionality needed for effective navigation. Its portability and ease of use make it an excellent tool for educational purposes, allowing children and adults alike to learn and apply orienteering skills in real-world scenarios. Whether hiking, camping, kayaking, or survival training, the TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass is constructed to offer reliable direction and enhance the outdoor experience, making every journey not just a journey but an adventure to remember.


  • Durability and Portability: Crafted from sturdy nylon, the compass is built to endure the harsh conditions often encountered in outdoor settings. Its lightweight and compact design make it an essential, hassle-free addition to any adventurer’s gear.
  • Precision Navigation: The integration of an Acrylic Baseplate with an Azimuth bearing and a 360-degree rotating bezel ensures accurate navigation. The liquid-filled capsule housing the magnetic needle facilitates a quick and bubble-free alignment towards North, enhancing the reliability of directional guidance.
  • User-Friendly Features: The magnifying glass and the Ruler Scale of 1:24000 cater to precise map reading and route mapping, making the compass a tool for direction and an educational instrument for geographical learning.
  • Versatility: The compass suits a wide audience, from Boy Scouts and beginners in outdoor activities to seasoned hikers and survivalists. Its design and functionality cater to various outdoor activities, making it a versatile tool in various scenarios.


  • Learning Curve: For beginners, the array of features and scales on the compass might present a steep learning curve. Understanding how to use all aspects of the compass for navigation effectively could require time and practice.
  • Visibility in Low Light: While the compass is designed for efficiency and precision, its usability in low-light conditions or at night might be limited if the dial or needle is not luminous. Users might need an additional light source to read the compass in the dark.
  • Brand: TurnOnSport
  • Material: Nylon
  • Product Dimensions: 4″L x 2.4″ W
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • Key Features:
    • Acrylic Baseplate with Azimuth bearing and a 360-degree rotating bezel for accurate navigation.
    • A magnetic needle in a liquid-filled capsule ensures quick, bubble-free alignment towards the North.
    • Magnifying Glass integrated for detailed map reading and navigation.
    • Ruler Scale of 1:24000 for precise route mapping and distance estimation.
  • Portability & Lightweight:
    • Its compact size makes it an essential, easy-to-carry tool for outdoor adventures.
    • It is ideal for children and adults; fitting effortlessly in a pocket or hiking backpack.
  • Professional & Advanced Navigation:
    • Designed for accurate directions, making it suitable for hikers, campers, scouts, and survivalists.
  • High Quality:
    • Durable construction ensures reliability in various outdoor conditions.
    • Ideal for use in diverse activities like kayaking, camping, climbing, and more.
  • Ideal Survival Gifts:
    • A practical gift for beginners in scouting and adults who enjoy hiking, outdoors, and fishing.

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Its user-friendly design, coupled with a clear and intuitive display, makes navigation simpler for beginners. The compass also includes a magnifying glass and ruler scale, aiding map reading and learning basic orienteering skills.

Yes, the compass has features like a 360-degree rotating bezel and an accurate scale, making it suitable for professional orienteering and advanced navigation tasks.

While the compass is built to withstand outdoor conditions, it’s water-resistant to a degree but not fully waterproof. It can handle light rain but should be protected from being submerged in water.

The integrated magnifying glass helps users read detailed maps more easily, enhancing small text and topographic details for better navigation and route planning.

The liquid-filled capsule stabilizes the magnetic needle, allowing it to settle and point north more quickly and accurately, which is crucial for reliable navigation.

The nylon construction offers a good balance of durability and lightness, making the compass resilient against drops and impacts and easy to carry on long hikes or trips.

Stay aware of your next adventure! The TurnOnSport Orienteering Compass is a pocket-sized powerhouse for confident navigation. This lightweight, portable tool boasts a professional-grade design with a rotating bezel, a fast-settling magnetic needle, and a built-in magnifying glass. Plan your route with ease using the ruler scale, and feel secure knowing this high-quality compass will guide you through any terrain. More than just a navigational aid, the TurnOnSport Compass can be a lifesaver in an emergency. Order yours today and unlock the freedom of exploration!