RitFit Pilates Ring Circle

RitFit Pilates Ring Circle
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Imagine wanting a toned and sculpted physique but feeling intimidated by the gym. Well, fret no more! The RitFit Pilates Ring Circle might be your perfect match. This 14-inch magic circle is a portable and versatile fitness tool that can transform your living room into a personal Pilates studio.

Made with high-quality fibreglass and encased in soft, cushioned rubber, the RitFit ring is built to last. It provides the right resistance to challenge your muscles without compromising comfort. The padded handles, both inside and outside the circle, ensure a secure grip so you can focus on perfecting your form without injuries.

RitFit Pilates Ring Circle

  •  Package Weight: ‎0.76 Kilograms
  • Brand: RitFit
  • Material:  ‎Fiberglass, EVA Material

Product Review

The RitFit Pilates Ring Circle promises to shape your dream physique from the comfort of your living room. This 14-inch fitness tool is designed to transform any space into a Pilates haven.

The ring’s secret lies in its construction. Durable fiberglass can withstand even the most intense workouts, while the soft, cushioned rubber exterior keeps things comfortable. Say goodbye to unnecessary injuries – the padded handles, both inside and out, provide a secure grip so you can focus on perfecting your form. 

RitFit Pilates Ring Circle

Plus, the lightweight design makes it perfect for travel or squeezing in a quick home session between errands.

Whether you’re a Pilates pro or a beginner, the RitFit Pilates Ring Circle is a great addition to your routine. The included workout guide offers valuable exercises and targets different muscle groups, helping you reach your fitness goals. Ditch the gym memberships and crowded classes – the RitFit Ring Circle brings the magic of Pilates right to your doorstep.


  • Durable and comfortable construction: Made from durable fiberglass with a soft, cushioned rubber exterior, the RitFit ring is built to last and be comfortable.
  • Lightweight and portable: At 14 inches and lightweight, the ring is easy to take for workouts anywhere.
  • Targets various muscle groups: The ring can strengthen and tone muscles in your upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abs and pelvic muscles, core, and lower body.
  • Improves core strength, stability, and flexibility: Pilates exercises with the ring can help improve your core strength, stability, and flexibility.
  • Included workout guide: The included one provides a helpful starting point for beginners.
  • Cost-effective alternative: The RitFit ring is a more affordable than gym memberships and Pilates classes.


  • It may not be as challenging for experienced exercisers: The ring might not provide enough challenge for those who are very fit.
  • Limited range of exercises compared to a full Pilates routine: The ring is just one piece of equipment, and a full Pilates routine incorporates a wider variety of exercises.
  • Type: RitFit Pilates Ring Circle
  • Size: 14-inch diameter
    • Material: Durable fiberglass core
    • The soft, cushioned rubber exterior
    • Features: Padded handles (inside and outside) for comfort and grip
    • Lightweight and portable for easy travel or home use
    • Benefits: Targets various muscle groups (upper arms, thighs, core, etc.)
    • Improves core strength, stability, and flexibility
  • Includes: Bonus workout guide

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It’s a 14-inch fitness ring for Pilates exercises to tone muscles and improve core strength.

It has a soft, cushioned rubber exterior and padded handles for a secure, comfortable grip.

It can target areas like upper arms, inner & outer thighs, abs, core, and lower body.

It includes a bonus workout guide with exercises to get you started.

The included guide helps beginners, but consulting a Pilates instructor is always recommended.

While effective, the Ring might be easier for experienced exercisers.

Investing in a RitFit Pilates Ring Circle is like having a pocket-sized Pilates instructor. It’s lightweight and travels easily, perfect for on-the-go workouts or squeezing in a quick session at home between errands. The workout guide provides valuable tips and exercises to help you target different muscle groups and achieve your fitness goals. So, ditch the expensive gym memberships and crowded classes. Take charge of your fitness journey with the RitFit Pilates Ring Circle and experience the magic of Pilates from the comfort of your own home!