Dilwe Bike Odometer

Dilwe Bike Odometer
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Forget fancy marketing talk, this bike computer is a game-changer for cyclists! It’s more than just a speedometer; it’s like a riding buddy that gives you all the info you need to see how far you’ve gone, how fast you’re rolling, and even the temperature (because nobody likes a sweaty surprise!).
The best part? You can see everything on the super-bright display, whether it’s sunny or raining. This little gadget is built tough to handle anything you throw at it, from mountain trails to city commutes. Plus, it’s small and lightweight so it won’t weigh you down.
Here’s the kicker: this bike computer isn’t just about the ride. It helps you make the most of every moment by tracking your time and having a built-in stopwatch. They even threw in a guarantee for peace of mind. This thing is like having a personal coach for your handlebars! So ditch the boring old odometer and get ready to enjoy every ride, informed and entertained.

Dilwe Bike Odometer

  •  Package Weight: ‎0.07 Kilograms
  • Brand: ‎Dilwe
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:  ‎3.94 x 3.15 x 1.97 inches

Product Review

The Bike Odometer, Multifunction Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer Odometer Riding Accessory, is a testament to the seamless integration of functionality and user-friendliness in cycling accessories. In a world where cycling dynamics constantly evolve, this bike computer is an indispensable ally to the modern cyclist, keen on tracking progress, navigating terrains, and optimizing performance. This review delves into the core features and benefits that make this bike odometer a standout choice for cycling enthusiasts.

BRIGHT LCD Display: The cornerstone of this device’s appeal lies in its BRIGHT LCD, which features a green backlight for enhanced visibility. This thoughtful design ensures that whether you find yourself in the depths of a dimly lit tunnel or embracing the solitude of a night ride, the display remains crisp and accessible. The importance of this cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts the rider’s ability to make real-time decisions based on accurate data, without the need to strain or stop.

Multifunctional Capabilities: Far from being a one-trick pony, this bike computer boasts an array of functions designed to cater to a cyclist’s varied needs. From speed and distance tracking to more nuanced metrics like current temperature and a stopwatch, this device ensures that all relevant data is just a glance away. Such multifunctionality elevates it from a simple odometer to a comprehensive cycling companion, enabling cyclists to push their limits while staying informed about their environment and performance.

Dilwe Bike Odometer

Waterproof Design: This odometer’s waterproof nature clearly indicates its robustness and reliability. Cyclists no longer need to fret over the elements, as the device is built to perform unwaveringly, come rain or shine. This resilience extends the odometer’s lifespan and ensures that the collected data remains accurate and reliable, irrespective of weather conditions. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your device can withstand the unpredictable nature of outdoor activities is invaluable.

Ideal for Every Rider: This bike odometer’s universal appeal sets it apart. It fits any bicycle, from mountain and road bikes to folding and electric bicycles. This versatility underscores the manufacturer’s understanding of the diverse cycling community and its varied needs, ensuring that every cyclist, regardless of their preferred terrain or bicycle type, can benefit from this advanced tracking tool.

Guarantee: Lastly, the product’s guarantee offers an additional layer of reassurance. Understanding that consumer satisfaction is paramount, the manufacturer’s readiness to address concerns and solve problems reflects their confidence in the product’s quality and their commitment to customer service.

In summary, the Bike Odometer, Multifunction Waterproof Bicycle Speedometer Odometer Riding Accessory, emerges as a highly recommended tool for cyclists. Its combination of innovative features, durability, and user-centric design makes it a valuable investment for anyone looking to enhance their cycling experience.


  • Enhanced Visibility with BRIGHT LCD Display: The LCD, featuring a green backlight, ensures data is easily readable in all lighting conditions, enhancing safety and convenience during night rides or in dark environments.
  • Comprehensive Tracking Features: Its multifunctional capabilities allow for monitoring of speed, distance, time, temperature, and more, making it a versatile tool for performance tracking and environmental awareness.
  • Waterproof Design for All-Weather Use: This odometer’s waterproof nature ensures reliable performance in wet conditions, allowing cyclists to use it confidently regardless of the weather.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Its small size and light weight ensure that it does not add significant bulk or weight to the bicycle, preserving the ride quality and handling.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: The manufacturer’s guarantee provides added quality assurance and commitment to customer service, offering support for any issues encountered.


  • Manual Data Wiping in Wet Conditions: While the device is waterproof, manually wiping it dry in rainy conditions may be inconvenient for some users, particularly during long rides or heavy downpours.
  • Backlight Battery Dependency: The reliance on the backlight for visibility in dark conditions means that battery life could be a concern for those who frequently ride at night or in low-light environments.
  • Display: Bright LCD with green backlight for clear visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Multifunctionality: Offers a wide range of features including:
    • Speed tracking
    • Distance measurement
    • Time display
    • Current temperature reading
    • Stopwatch function
  • Waterproof Design: Ensures accurate data recording in rainy conditions and enhances durability.
  • Compatibility: Suitable for a wide range of bicycles, including:
    • Common bicycles
    • Road bikes
    • Mountain bikes
    • Folding bikes
    • Electric bicycles
  • Portability: Small size and light weight make it an unobtrusive addition to any bike.
  • Guarantee: Manufacturer provides a customer satisfaction guarantee with a responsive support service.

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The Bike Odometer is designed for easy installation on a variety of bicycle types. It comes with a straightforward mounting kit and detailed instructions. Most users can complete the installation process within a few minutes, requiring minimal tools and technical knowledge.

Yes, the Bike Odometer features a waterproof design, capable of withstanding heavy rain and muddy conditions. However, wiping it dry after use in such conditions is recommended to maintain optimal performance and longevity.

While the Bike Odometer provides a range of functionalities, including speed, distance, time, and temperature, it does not specifically track elevation gain. A device with a built-in altimeter or GPS functionality might be required for elevation data.

The backlight feature is designed to improve screen visibility in low-light conditions. It can be activated with a button press and is set to turn off after an inactivity to conserve battery life automatically. Some models may allow manual control over the backlight feature.

The Bike Odometer is versatile and can be fitted to most bicycle sizes. Its universal design and adjustable mounting system make it suitable for common, road, mountain, folding, and electric bicycles.

This particular Bike Odometer model is designed for standalone use and does not feature connectivity options for data export to a computer or smartphone. For those looking to analyze ride data more comprehensively, a device with Bluetooth or USB connectivity might be more appropriate.

Cyclists, listen up! Ditch the bulky bike computers, the Bike Odometer is here to streamline your rides. This handy device offers a powerful combination of functionality and user-friendliness.
The bright, waterproof LCD lets you easily see your stats in any weather. Its simple setup and broad compatibility mean it works with almost any bike. But the Bike Odometer truly shines with its tracking capabilities. It goes beyond the basics of speed and distance, offering insights into temperature. This comprehensive data allows you to analyze your performance and ride conditions, making you a more informed and empowered cyclist.