PRUNUS Bike Speedometer and Odometer

PRUNUS Bike Speedometer and Odometer
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Remember the surge in cycling popularity lately? Everyone’s dusting off their old bikes or grabbing new ones. That means people are looking for cool accessories that improve their rides without costing a fortune.
PRUNUS is a new name in the game, offering a handlebar grip and wireless speedometer/odometer combo. This isn’t just about some fancy upgrade, though. PRUNUS promises to make your rides more comfortable, efficient, and affordable – all at once! This review will examine these PRUNUS goodies to see if they fit your mountain bike adventures.
Cyclists are always on the hunt for gear that’s good quality, works well, and doesn’t drain their wallets. PRUNUS ticks all those boxes. They say their stuff is easy to install, designed for comfort, and built to last. So, let’s see how these PRUNUS products stack up against the competition!

PRUNUS Bike Speedometer and Odometer

  •  Color: Grey
  • Brand: PRUNUS
  • Material:  Rubber

Product Review

The PRUNUS Bike Handlebar Grip and the Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer and Odometer are designed with the mountain biker in mind. Beginning with the handlebar grips are made from TPR rubber, a material known for its soft, cushion-like feel, which significantly enhances comfort during long rides. The non-slip grip ensures that the hands stay firmly in place, regardless of the terrain or weather conditions. This is particularly crucial for mountain biking, where varying terrains demand consistent control over the bike.
On the other hand, the speedometer and odometer are a testament to the modern cyclist’s need for performance tracking without the hassle of complicated setups. Being wireless and waterproof, this gadget offers ease of installation and the durability to withstand the elements, be it dust, rain, or the occasional mud splash.

PRUNUS Bike Speedometer and Odometer

Its functionality extends beyond mere speed tracking; it offers an odometer feature for distance measurement, making it invaluable for those who want to monitor their progress or set distance goals.
Both products share a commendable ease of installation. The grips are designed to slide onto any standard handlebar (22.2mm diameter) with minimal effort, and a helpful tip from PRUNUS suggests using soap to facilitate this process further. The speedometer and odometer combo adheres to the handlebar without requiring intricate wiring, streamlining the setup process so riders can focus more on the journey than on gear preparation.


  • High Quality at an Affordable Price: Despite their low cost, both products are praised for their durability and effective performance, representing excellent value for money.
  • Ergonomic Design: The handlebar grips are designed with comfort in mind, made from soft TPR rubber that provides a cushiony yet firm grip, reducing hand fatigue on long rides.
  • Easy Installation: Both products are straightforward to install, requiring no specialized tools or extensive mechanical knowledge, which is a significant plus for casual riders and DIY enthusiasts alike.
  • Classical Aesthetic: The grips’ black and grey color scheme adds a timeless elegance to any mountain bike, ensuring these accessories won’t detract from the bike’s visual appeal.
  • Enhanced Riding Safety: The handlebars’ non-slip grip feature and the odometer’s speed and distance tracking capabilities provide a safer and more informed riding experience.


  • Limited Color Options: Some riders may prefer more color variety to match their bike’s aesthetic or personal style, which these products do not offer.
  • Basic Functionality: The speedometer and odometer, while effective, may lack some advanced features sought by more experienced cyclists, such as GPS tracking or connectivity with fitness apps.
  • Service Type: Mountain Bike
  • Color: Grey
  • Brand: PRUNUS
  • Material: Rubber
  • Handlebar Grip:
  • Affordable quality; easy to install.
  • Classical black and grey design.
  • Comfortable, made of soft TPR rubber with a non-slip grip.
  • Speedometer and Odometer:
  • Wireless and waterproof.
  • Easy to install with no complex wiring.
  • Tracks speed and distance.
  • Installation Tips:
  • Fits regular handlebars (22.2mm diameter).
  • Use soap for easier grip installation.

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They fit standard handlebars with a diameter of 22.2mm.

Yes, it’s designed for mountain bikes but can be used on any bike with a handlebar to which it can securely attach.

The grips are water-resistant TPR rubber, providing a non-slip grip even when wet.

Most models allow you to toggle between mph and km/h through a settings menu. For instructions, refer to the specific product manual.

No special tools are required. You might use soap to slide them on more easily, but they’re designed to be installed without tools.

No, it’s wireless and designed for easy installation. Follow the included instructions for a straightforward setup.

In the ever-expanding world of cycling accessories, the PRUNUS Bike Handlebar Grip and Wireless Waterproof Bike Speedometer and Odometer distinguish themselves through a balanced combination of affordability, quality, and functionality. These products promise to enhance your riding experience by improving comfort, safety, and performance tracking. While they might not boast the extensive features of higher-end competitors, their value lies in their simplicity, ease of use, and the noticeable improvement they bring to the everyday cycling experience. Whether you’re a casual rider or a more dedicated enthusiast looking to equip your mountain bike with reliable, cost-effective accessories, PRUNUS offers a compelling solution that merits consideration. As we’ve explored the intricacies of these products, it’s clear that they represent a smart choice for those prioritizing practicality, aesthetic appeal, and the sheer joy of cycling.