VEVOR Plyometric Platform

VEVOR Plyometric Platform
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The VEVOR Plyometric Platform Box isn’t just any old box; it’s a sleek, sturdy training tool built to take your workouts to the next level.
Think of it as a portal to peak physical condition. VEVOR Plyometric Platform comes in three heights (12, 18, or 24 inches) to match your goals, and its rugged, powder-coated steel frame can handle even the most explosive jumps. The grippy rubber platform keeps you safe and sound as you hop to a fitter.

VEVOR Plyometric Platform

  •  Color: Red
  • Brand: VEVOR
  • Material:  Aluminum

Product Review

One of the standout features of the VEVOR Plyometric Box is its rubber grip platform. Covered with ribbed rubber, the platform is engineered to maximize safety and efficiency during workouts. Whether performing box jumps, step-ups, or any other plyometric drill, the anti-skid surface guarantees a secure footing, minimizing the risk of slips and injuries.
The VEVOR Plyometric Platform trapezoidal structure is a testament to intelligent design. With dimensions of 12.4″ x 12.4″ at the top and 17″ x 17″ at the bottom, the design of VEVOR Plyometric Platform ensures stability, a non-negotiable factor when engaging in explosive movements. This thoughtful geometry doesn’t compromise on space efficiency – VEVOR Plyometric Platform is as easy to store as it is stable.
Assembly, often a tedious task with fitness equipment, is refreshingly straightforward with the VEVOR Plyometric Box.

VEVOR Plyometric Platform

The package of VEVOR Plyometric Platform arrives in several parts, each designed to fit together seamlessly. The included accessories and clear instructions make the assembly process simple and gratifying, allowing you to set up your training station promptly and without fuss.
The wide application of the VEVOR Plyometric Box is its most compelling feature. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that enhances overall body strength, stability, and endurance. It’s a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to elevate their fitness game, from shoulders and arms to glutes and legs. When not used for training, VEVOR Plyometric Platform effortlessly transitions into an ordinary stool, blending functionality with everyday utility.


  • Durability and Stability: The heavy steel construction with a powder coating ensures the VEVOR Plyometric Box is built to last. It can withstand the rigors of intense training sessions, making it a reliable tool for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. The welded frame contributes to the VEVOR Plyometric Platform’s robustness, providing a stable base even under high-impact workouts.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: The rubber grip platform is a highlight, offering excellent traction to prevent slipping. This feature is crucial for maintaining form and safety during exercises, reducing the risk of injuries. The anti-skid surface ensures that your focus remains on your workout, not keeping your balance.
  • Intelligent Design: The trapezoidal structure is not just about aesthetics; it provides a broader base, adding to VEVOR Plyometric Platform stability. This design ensures the box stays firmly in place, giving you the confidence to perform various exercises. Additionally, the design of VEVOR Plyometric Platform is space-efficient, making it a suitable addition to home gyms where space might be a constraint.
  • Ease of Assembly: The VEVOR Plyometric Platform is designed for quick and hassle-free assembly. The clear instructions and included accessories mean you can set up your training station without professional help, saving time and effort.
  • Versatility in Training: The VEVOR Plyometric Box is a versatile piece of equipment, ideal for various exercises targeting different muscle groups. Whether you want to improve your jump height, leg strength, or cardiovascular health, this box covers you. Its usability as an ordinary stool when not in training adds to its functionality.


  • Assembly Required: Some users might need help assembling the product despite the ease provided by the manufacturer. This could be a slight drawback for those not inclined towards DIY tasks.
  • Size Specificity: VEVOR Plyometric Platform comes in fixed heights of 12, 18, and 24 inches. While this caters to a broad range of activities, users looking for a more adjustable range might find this limiting.
  • Material: Heavy steel construction
  • Surface Coating: Durable powder coating for rust-proofing and aesthetic appeal
  • Weight Limit: Recommended maximum of 350 lbs
  • Platform Surface: Covered with ribbed rubber for anti-skid safety
  • Structure: Trapezoidal with dimensions 12.4″ x 12.4″ (top) and 17″ x 17″ (bottom) for stability and space efficiency
  • Assembly: Easy to assemble with included parts and accessories
  • Usage: Suitable for various exercises, including plyometric and speed drills, it can also function as an ordinary stool.
  • Sizes Available: 12, 18, and 24 inches to cater to various training needs
  • Feet Pads: Equipped with pads to prevent slipping and protect the floor from scratches
  • Application: Ideal for improving shoulders, arms, chest, glutes, and legs while enhancing overall core stability.

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The VEVOR Plyometric Box is built to support a maximum weight of 350 lbs. This robust construction ensures it can accommodate many users, providing a stable and secure platform for various exercises.

The rubber grip platform is a critical feature that enhances safety and performance. The ribbed rubber surface offers excellent traction, minimizing the risk of slips and falls. This allows you to focus on your workout intensity and form rather than worrying about stability on VEVOR Plyometric Platform.

Absolutely! While VEVOR Plyometric Platform is ideal for plyometric exercises like box jumps, step-ups, and burpees, its sturdy build and optimal height make it versatile for many other exercises. It can be used for strength training, such as tricep dips, inclined push-ups, and split squats, making it a multifunctional piece of equipment for your fitness routine.

The assembly of the box is straightforward and user-friendly. It comes with clear instructions and all the necessary accessories. Most users find the process quick and hassle-free, allowing you to assemble the box efficiently without professional help.

The trapezoidal structure of VEVOR Plyometric Platform provides stability during workouts and makes it relatively space-efficient for storage. However, as a solid piece of equipment, it does occupy some space. Users should consider their storage options, especially if living in a space-constrained environment.

VEVOR Plyometric Platform is an excellent tool for enhancing cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance. Plyometric training on the box improves explosive power, speed, and agility. 

The VEVOR Plyometric Box is your gateway to a fit and fun transformation! This sturdy, multi-talented VEVOR Plyometric Platform helps you leap higher, build strength, and boost your heart rate while keeping you safe and entertained. The VEVOR Plyometric Platform, with its clever design and grippy surface, is your reliable partner, ready for lunges, squats, push-ups, dips, and beyond. VEVOR Plyometric Platform is your investment in health and happiness, a piece of equipment that adapts to your fitness level and fuels your progress. So skip the excuses, leap, and conquer your fitness challenges one box jump at a time!