STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat

STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat

The STOTT PILATES Express Mat isn’t your average yoga mat. This baby is designed for Pilates, with your comfort and progress in mind. Imagine sinking into a luxurious, 10mm-thick cushion that gently cradles your spine while you work your magic. No more wincing through exercises on a thin, hard surface. The STOTT PILATES Express Mat provides optimal comfort and support, making those challenging postures a breeze (well, almost!).

But it’s not about feeling pampered (although that’s a perk!). This mat is built to last. The closed-cell foam construction is super durable, so you can bring on those intense workouts without worrying about wear and tear. The clever ribbed texture offers extra grip for those dynamic movements, keeping you stable and confident.
And guess what? When you’re done channelling your inner Pilates master, this mat is a dream to store. The convenient velcro straps allow you to roll it up and go. No more wrestling with a bulky mat – grab and store!

Cleaning is a breeze, too. Forget harsh chemicals! A simple water and tea tree oil solution or a quick wipe with soapy water is all you need to keep your mat fresh and germ-free. The STOTT PILATES Express Mat is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s your gateway to a stronger, more flexible you. So, take the plunge, invest in your well-being, and get ready to experience the transformative power of Pilates!

STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat

  •  Color: Deep Violet
  • Item Weight:  820 Grams

Product Review

Pilates enthusiasts who have used various yoga mats will find the STOTT PILATES Express Mat a game-changer. This mat significantly enhances any Pilates practice.

Comfort is paramount in Pilates. The 10mm-thick closed-cell foam construction offers excellent cushioning, eliminating wincing during bridge poses. It feels like a built-in cushion that absorbs impact without sacrificing stability.

Stability is crucial, and the ribbed texture delivers. Whether holding a plank or mastering tricky leg circles, the mat provides exceptional grip, preventing unwanted slips. Additionally, the 22-inch width provides ample space for even the most expansive Pilates poses.

Functionality extends beyond comfort. The integrated velcro straps make rolling up the mat after a session a breeze, eliminating the struggle of folding a bulky mat. This one transforms into a neat roll that fits easily in any corner.

STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat

Cleaning is simple. No one enjoys scrubbing a sweaty mat, so the care instructions are refreshingly easy. A quick wipe with soapy water or a tea tree oil solution keeps the mat fresh and germ-free, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Overall, the STOTT PILATES Express Mat is a fantastic investment for anyone serious about Pilates. It’s comfortable, practical, and built to last. This mat supports users at every level, from seasoned practitioners to beginners. Plus, the deep violet color adds a touch of elegance to any home workout space.

If you seek a mat that surpasses the basics, the STOTT PILATES Express Mat is worth considering. It’s more than just equipment; it’s a partner in achieving your Pilates goals.


  • Superior comfort and spine protection: The 10mm extra-thick closed-cell foam construction provides a luxurious cushion that protects your spine and joints during Pilates exercises.
  • Enhanced grip and stability: The mat’s ribbed texture offers excellent grip for all Pilates movements, helping you stay stable and confident throughout your workout.
  • Durability: The closed-cell foam construction is built to last, so you can enjoy using this mat for years, even with regular use.
  • Convenient storage: The integrated velcro straps allow you to easily roll up the mat for compact storage, saving space in your home gym.
  • Simple cleaning: Keep your mat fresh and germ-free with water, tea tree oil, or soapy water. No harsh chemicals are required.
  • Elegant design: The deep violet color adds a touch of sophistication to your workout space.


  • Potentially narrow for some exercises: At 22 inches wide, the mat could be narrow for certain Pilates exercises requiring more lateral movement.
  • Thickness might feel bulky: While the 10mm thickness provides comfort, it might feel bulky or cumbersome to some users who prefer a thinner mat.
  • Color: Deep Violet
  • Material: Closed-cell foam
    • Dimensions:Length: 70 inches
    • Width: 22 inches
    • Thickness: 0.4 inches (10mm)
  • Weight: 820 grams
    • Features: Extra-thick cushioning for comfort and spine protection
    • Ribbed texture for enhanced grip and stability
    • Convenient velcro straps for easy rolling and storage
    • Simple cleaning with water and tea tree oil or soapy water solution

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This mat is designed for Pilates exercises, offering optimal comfort and support for the movements involved.

The STOTT PILATES Express Mat is 10mm thick, providing extra cushioning for your joints and spine.

Yes, the mat has a ribbed texture that helps prevent slipping and ensures stability during your Pilates practice.

The mat is 22 inches wide, sufficient for most Pilates exercises. However, consider a wider mat if you require a lot of lateral movement.

Absolutely! The mat features integrated velcro straps that allow you to roll it up for compact storage easily.

Cleaning is simple! You can use a water and tea tree oil solution or just soapy water. No harsh chemicals are needed.

Let’s face it: Working out can sometimes feel like a chore. But the STOTT PILATES Express Mat, with its unique blend of comfort and support, is here to change that. It’s like having a supportive Pilates buddy whispering encouragement in your ear (or under your mat). This isn’t just about getting toned; it’s about feeling amazing from the inside out.

Thanks to the strength and flexibility you’ve built on your trusty mat, you will wake up energised and ready to tackle the day. You can even impress your friends with those newfound core skills! So ditch the excuses, grab your Deep Violet STOTT PILATES Express Mat, and take control of your well-being. It’s time to sculpt your dream physique and discover the joy of movement – one Pilates pose at a time. You won’t regret it (trust me, your future self will be thanking you!).