Pilates Body Pilates Reformer Mat

Pilates Body Pilates Reformer Mat

Do those tricky reformer exercises leave you slipping and sliding? Say goodbye to frustrating workouts and hello to a smoother, sweatier Pilates experience with the Pilates Body Reformer Mat! This innovative accessory is designed to be your perfect partner in crime, taking your reformer workouts to the next level.
Imagine this: a non-slip grip thanks to the natural rubber backing, keeping you feeling secure and confident during every lunge and stretch. Plus, the sweat-wicking microsuede top provides just the right amount of grip, preventing those annoying towel adjustments that break your flow. But wait, there’s more! This mat is a dream come true for space-conscious fitness enthusiasts. It’s ultra-thin and lightweight, rolling up neatly to fit into your workout bag without a fuss.
The best part? The Pilates Body doesn’t stop at just giving you a fantastic mat. Every purchase comes with a complimentary canvas carrying bag, making it a breeze to get your mat to and from the studio. Available in stylish colors like Dusty Pink, Steel Blue, and even Black Leopard, this mat isn’t just functional—it’s fashionable, too!
So ditch the workout woes and transform your reformer experience. The Pilates Body Reformer Mat is more than just an accessory. It invests in a smoother, more enjoyable, and ultimately more effective Pilates practice!

Pilates Body Pilates Reformer Mat

  •  Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Brand: The Pilates Body
  • Material:  Suede

Product Review

This Pilates Body Reformer Mat is quickly becoming a studio essential (or a must-have for your home gym!). It tackles two major reformer pet peeves: slipping and sweat. The natural rubber backing provides a grip that inspires confidence, no matter how challenging the exercise. Plus, the sweat-wicking microsuede top keeps things comfortable and prevents those mid-workout towel fumbles that disrupt your flow.
But this mat isn’t all about performance. It’s cleverly designed for practicality too. The ultra-thin profile makes it a space-saver, easily rolling up for storage or tossing in your gym bag.

Pilates Body Pilates Reformer Mat

Plus, every purchase includes a free canvas carrying bag, making it a breeze to transport.
This is more than just a functional product, though. It has many stylish colors, so you can add personality to your workout routine. Whether you’re a regular reformer or just starting out, the Pilates Body Reformer Mat is an investment worth making. It elevates your workout experience, allowing you to focus on getting those results and feeling fantastic, not fighting with your equipment.


  • Non-Slip Grip: Say goodbye to frustrating slides! The natural rubber backing keeps you feeling secure during any reformer exercise.
  • Sweat-Wicking Comfort: The microsuede top absorbs moisture, keeping you comfortable and focused on your workout.
  • Portable Perfection: Ultra-thin and lightweight, this mat rolls up easily for storage or travel. A free canvas carrying bag makes transporting it a breeze.
  • Stylish Options: Available in various colors, this mat adds a touch of personality to your reformer routine.
  • Investment in Performance: Improved grip and comfort allow you to focus on proper form and maximize your workout results.
  • Studio-Friendly Design: The mat’s size (37″L x 22″W) fits most reformers, making it ideal for home and studio use.


  • Durability: While the microsuede top is comfortable, some users might find it less durable than other materials over time.
  • Cost: The Pilates Body Reformer Mat carries a premium price tag compared to a basic yoga mat.
  • Non-slip Pilates Reformer Accessory: Natural rubber backing prevents slipping for a secure and confident workout.
  • Sweat-wicking Microsuede Top: Absorbs moisture, keeping you comfortable and focused.
  • Ultra-thin and Lightweight: Rolls up easily for storage or travel in a gym bag.
  • Free Canvas Carrying Bag: Included for convenient transport.
  • Fits Most Reformers: Dimensions (37″L x 22″W) are compatible with brands like Merrithew, Allegro, Balanced Body, Aeropilates, and Peak Pilates.
  • Stylish Colors: Dusty Pink, Steel Blue, and Black Leopard.

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The Pilates Body Reformer Mat features a natural rubber backing for grip and a sweat-wicking microsuede top.

The mat can be machine washed or hand washed for easy care.

Yes, most likely! The mat measures 37″L x 22″W and is designed to fit most popular reformer brands like Merrithew, Allegro, Balanced Body, Aeropilates, and Peak Pilates.

The mat is ultra-thin (around 1mm) and prioritizes grip over padding. This might not be the best choice if you prefer a softer surface.

Yes, the natural rubber backing and the microsuede top combination is designed to maintain grip during even the sweatiest workouts.

Absolutely! Every mat purchase includes a complimentary canvas carrying bag for easy transport.

Look, we’ve all been there. You’re mid-flow in that reformer class, feeling strong and focused, then BAM! You lose your grip and are suddenly questioning your entire existence (and core strength). But fear not, fellow Pilates enthusiasts! The Pilates Body Reformer Mat is here to be your hero.

This isn’t just another boring piece of equipment. It’s your secret weapon for a frustration-free, sweat-inducing workout. Imagine gliding through those lunges with confidence, knowing you’re perfectly supported. Picture yourself nailing that tricky footwork without worrying about slipping. The Pilates Body Reformer Mat lets you focus on what truly matters: feeling amazing and getting the desired results.

Plus, with its sleek design and handy carrying bag, this mat becomes an extension of your stylish, on-the-go fitness life. Whether you’re a seasoned reformer pro or just starting, the Pilates Body Reformer Mat is the perfect way to elevate your practice. So ditch the excuses, grab your mat, and get ready to experience the Pilates difference!