TriggerPoint CORE Foam Massage Roller

TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller is your new best friend for massage and recovery. This isn’t your average foam roller, built with rock-solid EVA foam that laughs in the face of wear and tear, unlike those flimsy ones that turn mushy after a few uses. Its secret weapon? A nifty grid pattern that works like magic fingers, digging deep into tired muscles to melt away tension and boost your flexibility. Whether you’re a yoga guru or a weekend warrior, the 18-inch length is just right for tackling any sore spot, while the longer 36-inch version gives your spine the royal treatment. And the best part? You’re not alone on this journey. TriggerPoint gives access to a library of expert-led video tutorials, showing you exactly how to roll your way to muscle heaven. So ditch the pain, say hello to improved circulation, and embrace the amazingness of the TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller – your path to happy, limber muscles starts here!

TriggerPoint CORE Foam Massage Roller

  •  Color: Gray
  • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
  • Material:  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Product Review

The TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller (Model 03307) in 18″ Gray is a durable, solid-core Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam roller designed for exercise, deep tissue work, and muscle recovery. Its unique multi-density grid pattern offers targeted compression, making it ideal for self-massage to relieve muscle pain and enhance flexibility.

TriggerPoint CORE Foam

The 18-inch length suits most muscle groups, while the 36-inch option supports the entire spine during activities like yoga and Pilates. Crafted to outlast standard polypropylene rollers, it ensures longevity. The package includes free access to an online instructional video library curated by TriggerPoint experts, guiding users in effective foam rolling exercises.


  • Durability: Solid-core Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) construction ensures greater durability than standard polypropylene rollers.
  • Targeted Compression: The unique multi-density grid pattern provides effective and targeted compression, aiding in self-massage for pain relief and improved flexibility.
  • Versatility: The 18-inch length is versatile, suitable for most muscle groups, while the 36-inch option supports the entire spine during various exercises.
  • Online Instructional Videos: Access to a free online video library from TriggerPoint experts enhances user experience with guided foam rolling exercises.


  • Size Limitation: Limited to three size options (12”, 18”, 36”), which may not cater to all user preferences or specific needs.
  • Material Specificity: Crafted specifically from EVA, which might be a preference for some users but could limit options for those who prefer alternative materials.
  • Product Name: Trigger Point Performance 03307 CORE Foam Roller – 18″ Gray
  • Color: Gray
  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 5.6 x 5.6 x 18.11 inches
  • Brand: Trigger Point Performance
  • Solid-Core Construction: More durable than standard polypropylene rollers prone to breakdown and softening.
  • Multi-Density Grid Pattern: Provides targeted compression for self-massage, relieving pain, and enhancing flexibility.
  • Versatile Lengths:
    • 18-Inch: Perfect for most muscle groups.
    • 36-Inch: Supports the entire spine during yoga, Pilates, and recovery exercises.
  • Free Online Instructional Videos: Access to a video library on foam rolling exercises from TriggerPoint experts.

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The foam roller is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA).

Solid-core EVA construction is more durable, resisting breakdown and softening over time.

The multi-density grid pattern provides targeted compression, ideal for self-massage, pain relief, and improved flexibility.

The foam roller is available in three lengths: 12 inches, 18 inches (ideal for most muscle groups), and 36 inches (supports the entire spine during yoga, Pilates, and recovery exercises).

Yes, the TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller is designed for deep tissue work, aiding in muscle recovery and relieving pain and tightness.

The versatile 18-inch length is perfect for effectively addressing most muscle groups.

Imagine sore muscles melting away like butter under a warm sun. That’s the magic of the TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller. This isn’t your average squishy foam log – it’s a sturdy, high-tech partner for your fitness journey. Made with tough-as-nails EVA foam, it won’t crumble like lesser rollers, staying strong session after session. The secret’s unique grid pattern, like tiny thumbs digging into those tight spots, easing tension and pain with a comforting pressure. Whether you’re a yoga or weekend warrior, there’s a CORE size just for you. The handy 18-inch tackles those tricky arms and legs, while the long 36-inch lays out the red carpet for your entire spine, letting you roll away back worries in style. And to ensure you’re rolling like a pro, there’s a treasure trove of online tips and tricks to unlock the CORE’s full potential. So, ditch the muscle knots and say hello to happy, limber movement. The TriggerPoint CORE Foam Roller is more than just a fitness tool – it’s your gateway to feeling amazing, inside and out.

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