TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt

TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt
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This high-quality belt is designed to replace worn-out belts on ProForm treadmills (Part Number 292525). It’s built to last, offering smooth operation and consistent performance, whether you’re a casual walker or a dedicated runner. Plus, it has free treadmill lube to keep your machine running smoothly and prolong its lifespan. The user-friendly design makes installation a breeze so you can return to your workouts quickly. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining your ProForm treadmill and taking your fitness routine to the next level!

TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt

TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt
  •  Package Dimensions: 5.87 x 3.5 x 1.65 inches; 4.16 Ounces
  • Brand: TreadLife Fitness
  • ASIN:  B097J1TJLZ

Product Review

The compatibility of this drive belt with ProForm treadmills is exceptional. With its precise design and adherence to Part Number 292525 specifications, installing it on a treadmill is a breeze.
Including the free treadmill lube has made a difference in maintaining the treadmill. Applying the lube is straightforward and noticeably reduces friction, resulting in quieter operation and smoother belt movement.

TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt

The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt delivers consistent and reliable operation, which allows you to tackle intense workouts confidently. Whether sprinting or power walking, the belt’s durability and stability remain uncompromised, ensuring a safe and effective workout every time.
Its compatibility, performance, and the bonus of free treadmill lube make it a standout choice in fitness equipment maintenance.


  • Seamless Compatibility: The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt is explicitly designed to be compatible with ProForm treadmills, ensuring a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.
  • Enhanced Performance: This drive belt is engineered for optimal performance, providing smooth and consistent operation during workouts of any intensity level.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, the TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt offers long-lasting durability, capable of withstanding extensive use over time.
  • Free Treadmill Lube: Including complimentary treadmill lube simplifies Maintenance and prolongs the belt’s and the treadmill’s lifespan, offering added value to customers.
  • Quiet Operation: With proper lubrication and precise engineering, this drive belt delivers quiet operation, minimizing noise disturbances during workouts.
  • Excellent Customer Support: TreadLife offers responsive and helpful customer support, assisting users with inquiries and ensuring a positive purchasing experience.


  • Limited Compatibility: While the TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt is designed explicitly for ProForm treadmills, it may need to be compatible with other treadmill brands, limiting its versatility for users with different equipment.
  • Additional Maintenance Required: While the complimentary treadmill lube is a valuable inclusion, it does require periodic application for optimal performance, adding an extra maintenance task for users to manage.
  • Product Name: TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed to be compatible with ProForm treadmills
  • Part Number: 292525
  • Included Bonus: Comes with a free supply of treadmill lube for ongoing maintenance
  • Ease of Installation: Designed for easy and hassle-free installation on compatible treadmills
  • Performance: Engineered for smooth and consistent operation during workouts
  • Customer Support: Backed by responsive and helpful customer support from TreadLife

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The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt is designed to be compatible with a wide range of ProForm treadmills. However, checking compatibility with your specific treadmill model is recommended before purchasing.

It’s recommended to apply the treadmill lube every 3-6 months or as needed, depending on the frequency and intensity of treadmill use. Proper lubrication helps maintain smooth operation and prolongs the lifespan of the drive belt and treadmill.

The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt is designed for easy installation, and many users find they can install it themselves without needing professional assistance. However, consulting a professional is always a good idea if you need more clarification or are uncomfortable with the installation process.

Signs that your TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt may need replacement include fraying edges, visible wear and tear, excessive noise during operation, or slipping while in use. If you notice any of these signs, replacing the belt is recommended to maintain optimal treadmill performance and safety.

Refer to the warranty information provided by TreadLife for details on the warranty policy for the drive belt. Warranty coverage may vary depending on the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt is available in standard sizes for various ProForm treadmill models. 

The TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt (Part Number 292525) is made to fit perfectly on various ProForm models; it’s easy to install, even for beginners. Plus, it’s built strictly with high-quality materials to handle your most challenging workouts. And to keep things running smoothly, TreadLife even throws in free treadmill lube! But that’s only part of it – their friendly customer support is always there to help if you need a hand. So ditch that worn-out belt and give your ProForm treadmill the TLC it deserves with the TreadLife Fitness Drive Belt. It’s perfect for a confident and smooth stride towards your fitness goals.