Suunto PM-5 Clinometer

The Suunto PM-5 Clinometer is a professional tool designed for accurately and reliably measuring heights and slopes. Made in Finland with over 80 years of Suunto heritage, this clinometer is built tough with a water-resistant aluminum housing to withstand demanding outdoor conditions.
The PM-5 offers versatility for various applications, featuring dual scales for degrees and percentages. An optical reading system ensures precise measurement, and the portable design makes it convenient to carry on hikes, surveying jobs, or other outdoor activities. No batteries are required, so you can trust the PM-5 to deliver dependable readings whenever needed.

Suunto PM-5 Clinometer

  •  Special Feature: Portable
  • Brand: SUUNTO
  • Material:  Plastic

Product Review

The SUUNTO PM-5 Clinometer represents a pinnacle of precision and durability in inclination measurement tools. Designed for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts who demand accuracy and reliability, this device is more than just a measurement tool; it’s a testament to Suunto’s commitment to quality and innovation. Let’s delve into the SUUNTO PM-5 specifics and uncover the features that set it apart from its competitors.
Firstly, the PM-5 Clinometer’s core functionality accurately measures heights and slopes. This is achieved through its meticulously designed scales for slope in degrees and percentages, alongside an optical reading of the card for enhanced accuracy. Such precision is vital for tasks ranging from construction and surveying to outdoor sports like alpine skiing and mountain biking, where estimating angles and slopes can be critical.
Durability is another hallmark of the SUUNTO PM-5. Encased in an aluminum housing, the clinometer withstand the challenges of outdoor use. It’s resistant to water, impact, and corrosion, ensuring adventurers and professionals can rely on its functionality in various environmental conditions. This durability is emblematic of Suunto’s products, which are renowned for their resilience and longevity.

SUUNTO PM-5 Clinometer

Moreover, the PM-5’s portability is a key feature. Its lightweight design (weighing just 94 grams) and compact dimensions (2.75″L x 2″W) make it an essential tool for anyone on the move. Its portability does not come at the expense of usability or accuracy, a balance that Suunto has expertly achieved. Another aspect worth mentioning is the PM-5’s optical reading capability. This feature enhances the accuracy of measurements by allowing the user to directly read the scale card through the lens, reducing errors that might occur with traditional sighting and measurement techniques.
Lastly, the SUUNTO PM-5 Clinometer’s no-battery-required operation speaks volumes about its reliability and ease of use. In environments where charging facilities are scarce or non-existent, this clinometer is an indispensable tool, always ready to deliver precise measurements.
In summary, the SUUNTO PM-5 Clinometer is not merely a measurement tool; it’s a reliable partner for those who navigate the uncertainties of the great outdoors or the precision-demanding tasks of professional work. Its accuracy, durability, and portability make it a standout product.


  • Precision Measurement: One of the standout features of the PM-5 is its exceptional accuracy in measuring heights and slopes. The dual scales for slope degrees and percentages and optical card reading ensure high precision in various applications, from surveying to outdoor adventures.
  • Durable Construction: Encased in an aluminum housing, the PM-5 Clinometer is designed to endure harsh outdoor conditions. Its water, impact, and corrosion resistance make it a reliable companion in environments where other instruments might falter.
  • Portability: Weighing just 94 grams and with compact dimensions, the PM-5 is highly portable. This makes it an ideal tool for activities where every ounce matters, from backpacking to mountain biking.
  • Battery-Free Operation: The PM-5’s operation without batteries is a significant advantage. This feature reduces the device’s environmental impact and ensures it’s always ready for use, eliminating the concern of running out of power at critical moments.
  • Heritage and Quality: Suunto’s long history of crafting precision instruments is evident in the PM-5. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation gives users the confidence that they’re using a product built on decades of expertise.


  • Learning Curve: For those new to using clinometers, there may be an initial learning curve associated with mastering the PM-5. The precision it offers comes with the need to understand how to effectively utilize its features for accurate measurements.
  • Price Point: Given its professional-grade quality and capabilities, the PM-5 Clinometer is more expensive than some basic models. However, this investment reflects its durability, accuracy, and the value it adds to outdoor and professional pursuits.
  • Brand: SUUNTO
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 94 Grams
  • Product Dimensions: 2.75″L x 2″W
  • Special Feature: Portable
  • About This Item:
    • Professional Inclination Tool: Accurately measure heights and slopes with scales for slope in degrees and % and optical reading of card for higher accuracy.
    • Quality You Can Trust: Durable construction, encased in an aluminum housing that resists water, impact, and corrosion. All Suunto clinometers and compasses are made in Finland, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality.
    • Stay On Course: Designed to help safely and accurately navigate the great outdoors. Ideal for various activities including Alpine skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and trail running.
    • Pioneering Exploration: It features advanced engineering and thoughtful design with ultra-durable materials, offering fast, stable, and simple-to-use instruments without the need for batteries.
    • Authentic Heritage: With a foundation dating back to 1936, Suunto brings over 80 years of high-quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and pioneering innovation to its watches, compasses, and dive products.

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Absolutely. Designed with an aluminum housing, the PM-5 is resistant to water, impact, and corrosion, making it suitable for use in various outdoor conditions, including extreme weather.

While the PM-5 is a professional-grade tool that offers precision measurements, beginners willing to learn its functionality can use it. However, there may be a slight learning curve involved.

No, the PM-5 Clinometer operates without batteries, which is a significant advantage for outdoor use, especially when charging options are unavailable.

The optical reading feature allows users to read the scale card directly through the lens, improving measurement accuracy by reducing parallax errors that can occur with traditional sighting methods.

The PM-5 is ideal for a wide range of outdoor and professional activities, including alpine skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, trail running, surveying, and construction, where accurate measurement of heights and slopes is essential.

With its compact dimensions (2.75″L x 2″W) and lightweight design (94 grams), the PM-5 Clinometer is highly portable, making it an excellent tool for activities that require minimal gear weight.

The Suunto PM-5 clinometer is your handy companion for outdoor adventures and precise measurements. This reliable, lightweight clinometer fits in your pocket and goes wherever you do. Rain or shine, the PM-5 helps you with tasks like planning a hike, building a deck, or surveying land. No batteries needed, this clinometer is all about accuracy without the hassle.

The PM-5 is more than just a tool; it symbolises your adventurous spirit and commitment to getting things right. Whether scaling a mountain or working on a construction project, the PM-5 ensures you have the necessary information. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for skiers, hikers, surveyors, and anyone who values precision outdoors or on the job.

Investing in the Suunto PM-5 clinometer is investing in a legacy of quality and craftsmanship. It’s a tool that inspires exploration and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. With the PM-5 by your side, you can ditch the guesswork and embrace the confidence of precise measurement.

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