Sun Company AltiLINQ

In outdoor exploration, precision in navigation and weather prediction is not just a matter of convenience but often safety. The Sun Company AltiLINQ Dashboard Altimeter and Barometer is a reliable beacon for adventurers who prefer to blend traditional tools’ assurance with modern technology’s convenience. It provides accurate altitude and barometric readings without batteries; therefore, it is an essential gadget for camping, backpacking, or hiking enthusiasts. Let’s examine the features, benefits, and practical applications of the Sun Company AltiLINQ, the combination of build quality, accuracy, ease of use, and place in the arsenal of casual explorers and serious adventurers. We’ll uncover the secrets behind its battery-free operation, the intuitiveness of its scale, and the overall reliability of its weather trend indicator. Whether planning a leisurely drive through the mountains or a rigorous trek across uncharted terrains, understanding how the AltiLINQ stands up to real-world demands will be crucial in assessing its value to your adventures.

Sun Company AltiLINQ

  •  Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Brand: Sun Company
  • Material:  Plastic

Product Review

The Sun Company AltiLINQ is not just another gadget for your dashboard; it is a meticulously designed companion for those who tread where the roads end and the trails begin. Crafted from durable plastic, it measures 6.97 x 3.74 x 1.3 inches and weighs a mere 4 ounces, making it a lightweight yet robust tool for any journey. The device offers a unique blend of traditional functionality with the convenience of modern accountability, capable of being securely attached to either the top or front of a vehicle’s dashboard. This feature, complemented by two hook-and-loop attachments, allows for a hassle-free transfer between different vehicles, ensuring that the AltiLINQ is ready for adventure whenever you are. One of the standout features of the AltiLINQ is its accuracy. The adjustable dial accounts for high- or low-pressure system variations, ensuring that adventurers receive the most accurate altitude and barometric readings possible. This is particularly beneficial for camping, backpacking, and hiking, where even slight variations in altitude or pressure can significantly affect the journey.

Sun Company AltiLINQ

The altimeter’s battery-free operation returns to the simplicity and reliability of analog instruments. By adjusting based on the surrounding barometric pressure, the AltiLINQ eliminates the need for batteries, making it an environmentally friendly option that’s always ready to use. Its small, handheld design also allows it to fit in a pocket easily, emphasizing its portability and convenience.
The easy-to-read scale is another highlight, enabling users to measure altitude up to 15,000 feet and barometric pressure in inches of Mercury (Hg). Combined with a weather trend indicator, the AltiLINQ provides essential environmental data and aids in predicting incoming low or high-pressure weather systems, adding an extra layer of preparation for any outdoor venture. Moreover, the full instructions ensure that users, regardless of their experience with such tools, can quickly learn how to set and adjust the SUN altimeter, making it a user-friendly addition to any explorer’s toolkit.


  • Versatility in Mounting: The AltiLINQ’s ability to mount on either the top or front of a vehicle’s dashboard, along with its dual hook-and-loop attachments, offers unparalleled flexibility. This feature ensures that the altimeter is not only easily accessible but also secure during travels across various terrains.
  • Accurate Readings: The adjustable dial is a significant advantage, allowing users to calibrate the device according to the current high or low-pressure systems. This ensures that the readings, altitude, and barometric pressure, are as accurate as possible, which is crucial for outdoor activities where precision matters.
  • Battery-Free Operation: The analog nature of the AltiLINQ, operating without the need for batteries, is not only environmentally friendly but also ensures that it is always operational. This reliability is essential for explorers who may find themselves in remote locations where replacing batteries is not an option.
  • Portability: Weighing just 4 ounces and with compact dimensions, the AltiLINQ is highly portable. Its design allows easy storage in a pocket, making it a convenient tool for on-the-go adjustments and readings.
  • Ease of Use: With easy-to-read scales and full instructions included, the AltiLINQ is user-friendly. Even individuals new to using an altimeter can quickly learn to set and adjust the device, making it accessible to many users.


  • Material Durability: Although lightweight and portable, the plastic construction might not withstand the rigors of extreme outdoor conditions, and neither might metal or other more durable materials.
  • Limited Altitude Range: With a maximum altitude reading of 15,000 feet, the AltiLINQ might only meet the needs of those venturing into high-altitude environments within this range.
  • Brand: Sun Company
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions: 6.97 x 3.74 x 1.3 inches
  • Item Weight: 4 ounces
  • Mounting Options: It easily mounts to the top or front of the dashboard in cars, trucks, or other vehicles. It comes with two hook-and-loop attachments for easy mounting in different vehicles.
  • Adjustable for Accuracy: Features an adjustable dial for high or low-pressure systems, ensuring the most accurate altitude and barometric readings.
  • Battery-Free Operation: It operates without batteries, adjusting based on the surrounding barometric pressure for reliable and environmentally friendly performance.
  • Portable Design: The altimeter’s small, handheld design allows it to fit in your pocket, enhancing its portability.
  • Easy-to-Read Scale: Measures altitude up to 15,000 feet and barometric pressure in inches of Mercury (Hg), with a weather trend indicator to predict incoming weather systems.
  • Instructions Included: This product includes easy, step-by-step instructions for setting and adjusting the SUN altimeter, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

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Begin by determining the current altitude or barometric pressure from a reliable source. Adjust the dial on the AltiLINQ until it matches this known value. Calibration is essential for initial use and should be repeated if you travel to areas with significantly different altitudes or pressures.

While the AltiLINQ is built to be durable, it is not explicitly stated to be waterproof or weatherproof. To ensure its longevity, it is advisable to protect it from direct exposure to water or extreme weather conditions.

When properly calibrated, the AltiLINQ is designed to offer accurate readings. Adjusting the dial according to high- or low-pressure systems enhances its accuracy. However, like all analog devices, slight variances may occur.

Double-check that you have correctly calibrated the device using a known altitude or barometric pressure reference. Environmental factors, such as sudden weather changes, can also affect readings. Recalibrate if you suspect any discrepancies.

If the original hook-and-loop attachments wear out or lose their adhesiveness, they can be replaced with standard hook-and-loop strips, which are available at most hardware or craft stores.

The weather trend indicator can help predict weather changes based on the movement of the barometric pressure needle. A rising needle indicates improving weather conditions, while a falling needle suggests deteriorating weather, such as an approaching storm.

When you’re about to head out on an adventure, maybe a hike or a camping trip, you want to be prepared for anything nature throws your way. That’s where the Sun Company AltiLINQ comes in. This handy device is like a two-in-one compass and weatherman for explorers of all levels. Here’s the cool part: unlike fancy gadgets that need batteries, the AltiLINQ is old-school and reliable. It uses the air pressure to measure your altitude (how high you are) and predict the weather. It’s easy to mount in your car or clip on your backpack, and it comes with clear instructions so even beginners can figure it out. We give you the info you need to make smart choices about where you’re going and what kind of weather you might face, all wrapped up in a user-friendly package. So ditch the city and confidently embrace the wilderness; the AltiLINQ will be your trusty guide.

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