SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball

SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball
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Forget endless searches for the ultimate fitness tool – the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is a game-changer. This tough-as-nails training ally elevates your workouts, boosting strength, endurance, and core. Built for the most intense CrossFit or conditioning sessions, its sand-filled design challenges you with every slam, demanding control and focus. This versatile SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball adapts to your goals, from explosive throws to controlled core exercises. It’s the ultimate workout partner, built to last with a user-friendly weight label so you can track your progress and smash your fitness goals.

SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball

  •  Color: 15-Pound (Blue) – OLD
  • Brand: SPRI
  • Material:  Textured rubber-like PVC sand-filled shell

Product Review

Design and Material

Made with a keen eye for functionality and longevity, the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball features a heavy-duty rubber shell that is tough enough to withstand the most intense workouts. The exterior is not just about strength; its texture provides an excellent grip, ensuring the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball stays in your hands, even in the sweatiest sessions. Unlike traditional medicine balls, the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is filled with sand. This design choice is deliberate, as the sand shifts within the ball, requiring the user to engage a broader range of muscles to stabilize and control the ball during exercises.

No-Bounce Feature

One of the most distinctive features of the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is its no-bounce design. This characteristic is crucial for safety and effectiveness during workouts. When you slam the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball onto the ground, it stays put, allowing for rapid, repeated movements without the risk of it bouncing back unpredictably. 

SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball

Versatility in Workouts

The true beauty of the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball lies in its versatility. It is not merely a tool for slamming; it’s a multifunctional piece of equipment that can enhance a wide range of exercises. Whether you want to improve your explosive power with overhead throws, develop core strength with rotational movements, or boost your endurance with slam circuits, this slam ball is up to the task. Its ability to integrate seamlessly into different workout routines makes it a favorite among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Durability Meets Practicality

Durability is a non-negotiable aspect of any fitness equipment, and the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball excels. The robust rubber shell is designed to endure the rigors of daily, heavy use, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time. The easy-to-read weight label is a thoughtful addition, allowing users to quickly select the appropriate weight for their workout, making it suitable for use in a shared gym environment or for personal home gyms where efficiency and ease of use are valued.


  • Durability and Quality Construction: The heavy-duty rubber shell of the SPRI Slam Ball is built to last. It’s tough enough to withstand the aggressive pounding of daily slamming activities without losing its shape or integrity. This durability ensures that users can maintain the intensity of their workouts without worrying about the ball wearing out or breaking.
  • Enhanced Safety with No-Bounce Design: The no-bounce, sand-filled design is a significant safety feature. It eliminates the risk of the ball rebounding and causing injury during high-intensity workouts. This feature allows users to perform various exercises, including powerful slams, with confidence and safety.
  • Versatility in Training: Whether it’s for explosive power movements, core strength exercises, or endurance training, the SPRI Slam Ball is incredibly versatile. It can be integrated into various workouts, catering to different fitness levels and goals, making it a valuable addition to any fitness regime.
  • Improved Muscle Engagement: The shifting sand within the ball adds an extra challenge to workouts. It engages more muscle groups as users must stabilize and control the ball during exercises, leading to a more comprehensive workout.
  • Easy-to-Read Weight Label: Identifying the ball’s weight is convenient, especially in a group setting or when transitioning between exercises. This feature enhances the user experience by minimizing downtime and maintaining workout flow.


  • Limited Bounce May Not Suit All Exercises: It’s designed to absorb impact, which is excellent for slamming movements but may not cater to routines that require a rebounding ball.
  • Weight Range May Not Accommodate All Users: While the SPRI Slam Ball comes in various weights, the range may not cover the extreme ends of the spectrum. Beginners might find even the lightest ball challenging, while advanced users or athletes may seek heavier options for specific exercises.
  • Material: Heavy-duty rubber shell for maximum durability.
  • Core: Sand-filled, providing a no-bounce property ideal for slamming activities.
  • Surface: Textured for a superior grip, ensuring the ball stays in hand during intense workouts.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various exercises, including tossing, slamming, core strength training, and explosive power movements.
  • Usage: Popular in CrossFit workouts and other high-intensity training regimes.
  • Safety Feature: No-bounce design minimizes the risk of injury or unintended rebound during workouts.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand the rigours of daily, intense exercise routines.
  • Convenience: Easy-to-read weight label for quick identification, facilitating smooth transitions during workouts.
  • Inclusivity: Appropriate for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes.
  • Additional Resource: Includes an exercise guide to help users maximize the use of the slam ball in their fitness routines.

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Absolutely. While it’s ideal for slamming due to its no-bounce design, the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is incredibly versatile. It can be used for many exercises, including core workouts and strength training, and even as a weight for running or walking. Its ability to engage different muscle groups makes it suitable for a full-body workout.

Yes, the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball suits users of all fitness levels. Beginners can start with lighter weights and simple exercises to get accustomed to the weight and feel of the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball. Users can explore more challenging workouts and heavier ball weights as strength and confidence increase.

The SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is designed for durability, featuring a heavy-duty rubber shell that can withstand rigorous use. With regular use, it should last for many years. However, as with any fitness equipment, the lifespan can vary based on the frequency and intensity of use. Proper care and storage can also extend its durability.

Cleaning the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is straightforward. Wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that might damage the rubber surface. Store the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent wear and tear.

While the SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is robust, using it on a suitable surface is recommended to ensure its longevity and prevent damage to your surroundings. Soft, impact-absorbing surfaces like gym mats or carpeted floors are ideal. Avoid using the ball on abrasive surfaces like concrete or asphalt, which can wear down the rubber over time.

The SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is designed to be leak-proof, with a durable outer shell that keeps the sand securely inside. While it’s rare for the sand to leak, it is advisable to check the ball regularly for any signs of wear or damage, mainly if it’s used frequently or for high-impact exercises.

The SPRI Dead Weight Slam Ball is robust, reliable, and ready for anything. This sturdy sphere isn’t your average medicine ball. Its tough rubber shell and sand-filled core won’t bounce back; it’s all about slamming, throwing, and unleashing your inner warrior. Whether you’re a gym newbie or a seasoned sweat hog, this slam ball adapts to your level. Start with a lighter weight to master throws and slams, then crank up the challenge as you get stronger. The shifting sand keeps your muscles guessing, giving you a full-body workout that’s anything but boring. This slam ball is built to last. Think rock-solid construction and grippy texture to keep the ball in your grasp, even through the most vigorous sessions. Trust this dependable companion to push your limits safely and effectively.