SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 2-1 Smart Glasses

SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 1 Smart Glasses
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These stylish shades, especially in cool blue, aren’t just fashionable but pack a tech punch. Track your steps, monitor your posture, and enjoy crystal-clear calls and music while protecting your eyes. Whether you’re a techie or want to simplify your life, the AirGo2 promises to integrate seamlessly into your day-to-day life.

SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 2-1 Smart Glasses

SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 1 Smart Glasses
  •  Color: Semi-transparent Blue
  • Brand: SOLOS
  • Shape:  Square

Product Review

The SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 1 Smart Glasses are an ambitious attempt at redefining wearable tech. At first glance, what catches the eye is their semi-transparent blue style, which exudes an air of sophistication while promising a futuristic aesthetic. But beyond their appearance, these SOLOS glasses pack a punch with features designed for the tech-savvy individual. The 2-inch screen size might seem modest, but the integration of technology stands out. From posture monitoring to real-time text-to-speech capabilities, the AirGo2 is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a personal assistant perched on your nose.

SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 1 Smart Glasses

The open-ear architecture with 360 spatial audio offers an immersive listening experience without isolating the user from their surroundings, a crucial feature in today’s always-on world. Coupled with Whisper Audio Technology, the glasses ensure clear communication by enhancing voice audio and reducing background noise, which is invaluable in crowded and private settings. The extended battery life of up to 11 hours of music listening or 8 hours of call time addresses one of the biggest concerns with wearable tech: longevity. The compatibility with prescription lenses makes these SOLOS glasses viable for a broader audience, ensuring that vision needs do not hinder the tech experience.


  • Stylish Design: The semi-transparent blue color and square shape ensure these glasses stand out for all the right reasons, offering a modern twist on wearable tech that doesn’t compromise style.
  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 11 hours of music playback and 8 hours of call time, the AirGo2 is built for all-day use, allowing users to enjoy its features without constant recharging.
  • Superior Audio Quality: The open ear architecture with 360 spatial audio, combined with Whisper Audio Technology, ensures clear sound quality for music and calls, even in noisy environments.
  • Health and Wellness Features: From step counting to posture monitoring and AI fitness coaching via the Solos AirGo App, these glasses offer more than just connectivity; they serve as a wellness companion.
  • UV and Blue Light Protection: The UV400 protection and blue light blocking lenses cater to the health of your eyes, protecting them from harmful rays and digital strain, which is increasingly essential in our screen-dominated world.
  • Versatility and Compatibility: Being compatible with a range of devices (laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones) and suitable for both men and women, these glasses are designed for widespread appeal.


  • Dependence on Solos AirGo App: The full functionality of the glasses is unlocked through the Solos AirGo App, which might not appeal to users looking for a more standalone product.
  • Prescription Lens Compatibility: While they are compatible with prescription lenses, the process of getting these fitted and the additional cost might deter some potential users.
  • Brand: SOLOS
  • Model Name: AirGo2
  • Style: Argon 1-1
  • Color: Semi-transparent Blue
  • Screen Size: 2 Inches
  • Special Features:
    • Posture Monitoring
    • Step Counting
    • Personalization with Solos AirGo Mobile Application
    • Open Ear Architecture with 360 Spatial Audio
    • Calendar Reminder
    • Real-time Text-to-Speech
    • Prescription Lenses Compatible
    • Conference Call Solution
    • Bluelight and UV Protection (UV400)
  • Shape: Square
  • Target Audience: Men, Women
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Compatible Devices:
    • Laptop
    • PC
    • Tablet
    • Smartphone
  • About the Item:
    • Stylish casual wear smart glasses handcrafted with durable materials.
    • Extended battery life for all-day wear: 11 hours of music listening or 8 hours of call time.
    • Superior audio quality with Whisper Audio Technology for clear communication.
    • UV400 protection from harmful UV rays and blue light blocking for reduced digital eye strain.
    • Solos AirGo App for AI fitness coaching, tracking, posture monitoring, and more.

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Yes, the SOLOS AirGo2 Argon 1 Smart Glasses are compatible with iPhone and Android devices, ensuring a seamless connection regardless of your smartphone’s operating system.

Absolutely. The AirGo2 Argon 1 is compatible with prescription lenses. You can have lenses tailored to your vision needs to be fitted into the frames, which makes them a versatile choice for those who require corrective eyewear.

The posture monitoring utilizes the glasses’ built-in sensors to track your head and neck position. When it detects that you’re in a potentially harmful posture for an extended period, it gently alerts you through the app, encouraging you to adjust your stance, thereby promoting better posture over time.

The SOLOS AirGo2 boasts an extended battery life, offering up to 11 hours of music playback or 8 hours of call time on a single charge. Recharging the glasses is quick and convenient, though the exact recharge time may vary based on the power source.

Whisper Audio Technology is designed to focus on your voice while minimizing background noise. This ensures you’re heard clearly during calls, regardless of your environment, making communication crisp and uninterrupted.

These features are accessible through the Solos AirGo App. Once you pair your glasses with the app, you can customize settings, track your fitness activities, and receive AI-driven coaching directly through your smart glasses.

These SOLOS glasses are like a Swiss army knife for your face, offering crystal-clear calls even in a crowd, protection from harmful screen glare, AND posture tracking to keep you sitting tall. They’re stylish, too! But, like any new tech, they come with a price tag and a learning curve. Still, if you’re ready to ditch the bulk and embrace the future, these glasses might be your one-stop shop for style, health, and connectivity.