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In heavy lifting, having the right tools can drastically improve your workouts, protect you from injury, and help you reach your goals faster. Knee wraps are essential for powerlifters and strongmen, and the Serious Steel Fitness Comp Knee Wraps aren’t just another option – they’re top-notch. These wraps go beyond just providing support. They mix new ideas and old-school weightlifting wisdom, perfect for modern lifters who respect the sport’s traditions. Made from stiff cotton, they’re tough and built to last. And at 2 meters long, the red competition wraps aren’t just about holding your knees in place – they give you that extra boost from the bottom of a squat, making every rep count. Officially approved by the USPA, these wraps are trusted for their quality and performance.


  •  Color: Red (Heavy)
  • Material:  Alloy Steel, Cotton

Product Review

Serious Steel Fitness Comp Knee Wraps are Made from stiffer cotton; the fabric is not just about toughness; it’s about providing a robust grip around the knees, ensuring minimal slippage, and maintaining tightness throughout the lifting session. This feature is particularly beneficial during high-intensity workouts where focus and stability are paramount.
The length of the wraps, 2.0 meters, is thoughtfully chosen to offer ample coverage without overly cumbersome. This length allows for a customized fit, enabling lifters to wrap their knees according to personal preference and the requirements of their specific lifting regimen. These wraps are versatile enough to support various exercises, whether for squats, leg presses, or yoke walks.


The Serious Steel Fitness Comp Knee Wraps are not just about physical support. They are designed to aid in the kinetic chain of lifting. When descending into a squat, the elastic energy stored in the compressed wraps acts as a spring, helping the lifter rebound out of the hole. This feature is invaluable as it can significantly enhance lifting efficiency and performance, especially during maximum-effort lifts.
The USPA’s approval of these wraps speaks volumes about their quality and adherence to standards. This endorsement means that the wraps have been rigorously tested and deemed fit for competition use, ensuring that they meet the highest performance and safety standards.


  • Enhanced Stability and Support: The Serious Steel Fitness Comp Knee Wraps provide unparalleled knee support during heavy lifts. This stability is crucial for athletes engaging in powerlifting or strongman training.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from stiffer cotton material, these wraps are built to last. They resist stretching out over time, ensuring their support remains consistent over numerous training sessions. The material’s durability also means that lifters won’t have to replace their wraps frequently, making it a cost-effective investment in the long run.
  • Performance Enhancement: The elasticity of the wraps stores kinetic energy, which can help lifters rebound out of the bottom of a squat or other lifts. This feature is not just about support; it’s about actively contributing to the lifter’s performance, potentially leading to more significant gains and improvements in their lifting capacity.
  • Customizable Fit: With a length of 2.0 meters, these wraps offer enough material to allow a personalized fit. Lifters can adjust the tightness and coverage according to their comfort and the specific demands of their workout regimen.
  • USPA Approved: Gaining approval from the United States Powerlifting Association (USPA) means these wraps have met rigorous standards for quality and performance. Athletes can use them in competitions, confident in their legality and effectiveness.


  • Learning Curve: For those new to using knee wraps, there might be a learning curve involved in wrapping them correctly. 
  • Stiff Material Might Not Suit Everyone: While the stiffer cotton material provides excellent support, some lifters might find it less comfortable, especially during prolonged training sessions. 
  • Product Name: SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps (2.0 Meters)
  • Color: Red
  • Quantity: Pair (2 wraps included)
  • Material: Stiffer cotton material for enhanced support
  • Ideal for: Powerlifters and strongmen
  • Supportive Function: Provides extra support during heavy weightlifting
  • Performance Enhancement: Aids in rebounding lifters out of the hole during squats
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for squats, leg presses, yoke walks, and more
  • Certification: USPA Approved Gear List
  • Length: 2.0 meters per wrap
  • Convenient for Travel: Compact and a perfect addition to a powerlifter’s or strongman’s gym bag.

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 The knee wraps are 2.0 meters in length per wrap.

The SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps are made with stiffer cotton material for increased support.

 Yes, SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps  are versatile and can be used with exercises such as leg press, yoke walks, and more.

 These SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps are USPA (United States Powerlifting Association) Approved Gear and listed on their approved gear list.

 The SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps are a compact and perfect addition to a powerlifter’s or strongman’s gym bag, making them convenient for travel and storage.

These SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps are ideal for a powerlifter’s or strongman’s gym bag.

The SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps (2.0 Meters) embody reliability and support for the dedicated powerlifter or strongman. Crafted with stiffer cotton material, these SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps are more than just gear – they’re a perfect companion for heavy lifts and dynamic workouts. They seamlessly integrate into a gym bag, becoming essential to a lifter’s journey. Beyond their robust construction, these SERIOUS STEEL FITNESS Comp Knee Wraps  offer a human touch by facilitating improved squat performance, aiding lifters in navigating the challenge of heavyweights. With the prestigious USPA approval, they enhance strength and affirm quality, making them a trusted choice for serious athletes.