SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands

SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands
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This hot new trend in fitness involves temporarily restricting blood flow to your limbs during exercise using bands or cuffs. It might seem counterintuitive, but proponents claim it can accelerate muscle growth and boost strength. When restricting blood flow, your muscles work harder in a more oxygen-deprived environment. These high-quality bands are designed for BFR training. Crafted from sturdy elastic and with a secure buckle closure, they promise durability and comfort. Their unique design provides extra support, particularly for tricep exercises, taking your workout experience to the next level.

SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands

  •  Color: Black/Blue
  • Brand: SAWANS
  • Material:  Natural Rubber

Product Review

Design and Material Quality

At first glance, the bands exude a sense of robust construction. Made from a thick, elasticized material, they are designed to withstand the rigors of regular and intense workouts. The heavy-duty buckle closure is a thoughtful addition, ensuring that the bands stay securely in place during exercise. The choice of material also speaks to the product’s durability, suggesting that these bands can be a long-term companion in your fitness journey.

Comfort and Usability

 Comfort is paramount in fitness equipment, and the SAWANS Bands do not disappoint. The inclusion of non-slip Spandex is a nod to the importance of ergonomic design. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to transport and use, a significant advantage for those who prefer to work at home or need to take their fitness gear on the go.

SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands

Effectiveness in Workout

The core purpose of these bands is to enhance muscle growth by restricting blood flow; in this aspect, they deliver impressively. Users have reported a noticeable increase in muscle fatigue and subsequent growth, particularly in the triceps area. This is in line with the principles of BFR training, which suggest that muscle growth can be achieved with lower weights, provided that blood flow is restricted during the exercise.


While primarily marketed for arm workouts, especially triceps, the adaptability of the bands allows for a broader range of exercises. This versatility adds value, making them suitable for those looking to diversify their workout routines without purchasing multiple pieces of equipment.


  • Enhanced Muscle Growth and Strength: The main advantage of SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands is the ability to facilitate muscle growth and strength. This method allows users to achieve significant muscle fatigue and hypertrophy, even with lower weights.
  • Durability and Quality Material: Made from thick, elasticized material with a heavy-duty buckle, the SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands are built to last. This durability ensures they can withstand regular and intense workouts, making them a reliable investment.
  • Comfort and Ergonomic Design: The non-slip Spandex and attention to ergonomic design make these bands comfortable to wear during workout sessions. This feature is crucial in preventing slippage and ensuring a safe workout experience.
  • Versatility: While ideal for arm workouts, these bands are versatile enough to be incorporated into various exercises, enhancing their value for a broad range of fitness routines.
  • Ease of Use and Portability: Their lightweight nature and ease of use make the bands an excellent choice for those who work out at home or need to carry their fitness equipment while traveling.


  • Potential for Overuse Injuries: If incorrectly used, there’s a risk of overuse injuries. Users need to understand proper applications and limits to avoid such issues.
  • Niche Appeal: These bands cater primarily to those interested in or familiar with blood flow restriction training, potentially limiting their appeal to a broader fitness audience.
  • Material: Made from the purest elasticized material, ensuring durability and flexibility.
  • Closure: Features a heavy-duty buckle closure designed for secure and adjustable fitting.
  • Design: Incorporates a combination of fabric designs for comfort and efficacy.
  • Comfort: Non-slip Spandex shape to ensure the bands stay in place and provide ergonomic support during workouts.
  • Targeted Use: Specially designed to enhance muscle growth in the upper limbs, it is particularly beneficial for triceps workouts.
  • Training Method: Utilizes blood flow restriction (BFR) training technique to facilitate muscle hypertrophy and strength gains.
  • Weight and Portability: Lightweight construction, making them easy to carry and use anywhere.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of exercises beyond just arm workouts.
  • Usage: Ideal for both beginners and advanced users, but requires adherence to proper techniques to maximize benefits and minimize risks.
  • Application: Adjustable to fit different arm sizes, though there may be limitations for extremely large or small limbs.
  • Workout Duration: Recommended to be used for no more than 15-20 minutes per session to prevent discomfort or potential issues from prolonged restriction.

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Both beginners and advanced users can use SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands. However, beginners should start with lighter exercises and gradually increase intensity. Understanding the technique and listening to one’s body is crucial to avoid potential injuries.

Yes, the SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands come with a heavy-duty buckle closure, allowing adjustability for different arm sizes. However, they might not accommodate extremely large or small limbs, so checking the size specifications before purchase is recommended.

Start using these SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands gradually, perhaps once or twice a week, and observe how your body responds. Depending on your comfort and goals, you can increase usage. Always ensure to have rest days in between sessions.

While primarily designed for arm workouts, particularly the triceps, these SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands are versatile enough for specific leg exercises. However, it is essential to ensure they are securely fastened and comfortable for such exercises.

Generally, the SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands should be worn for at most 15-20 minutes per session. Prolonged restriction can lead to discomfort and is not recommended.

BFR training, when done correctly, can aid in injury recovery by allowing for muscle strengthening without the need for heavy weights. 

SAWANS Exercise Obstruction Bands are a game-changer, especially for blood flow restriction (BFR) training – a fancy way of saying they can help you build muscle and strength faster. This makes them ideal for gym rats and folks recovering from injuries or trying to ease up on their joints. The quality is top-notch. Think thick, stretchy bands with heavy-duty buckles – built to last, even after countless reps. The ergonomic design and grippy Spandex keep them snug but painless, letting you focus on your workout, not your gear. Of course, every product is flawed. Newbies might find the lack of detailed instructions daunting, and overdoing it with these bands can lead to injuries, so proper form is critical.