Relags Silva Clinometer

Relags Silva Clinometer
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The Relags Silva Clinometer is your pocket-sized solution for measuring inclines and declines with precision. This handy inclinometer, available in a versatile white design, is the perfect companion for skiers, outdoor enthusiasts, and off-road drivers.
This clinometer boasts two essential scales: a coarse scale measuring up to +/- 35° for quick assessments and a fine scale measuring +/- 5° for accurate readings. Whether you’re determining slope inclination on a ski tour or assessing avalanche risk during winter adventures, the Relags Silva Clinometer provides reliable data.
But its uses extend beyond the snowy peaks. This versatile tool is equally adept at helping you achieve the perfect parking angle for your motorhome or caravan. When venturing off-road, the clinometer becomes your trusty guide, allowing you to estimate slope angles confidently.
The Relags Silva Clinometer offers you the freedom of mounting it according to your needs. Four pre-drilled holes enable secure screwing, while the included double-sided adhesive tape provides a convenient alternative.

Relags Silva Clinometer

  •  Color: White
  • Brand: Silva
  • Material type:  Synthetic

Product Review

Design and Build Quality

Upon first glance, the Silva ‘Clinometer’ impresses with its straightforward, functional design. Housed in a durable, white casing, the device is lightweight and compact, ensuring easy portability. The clinometer is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, with a build quality that speaks to Silva’s commitment to reliability and durability.

Precision and Accuracy

Where the Relags Silva ‘Clinometer’ truly shines is in its precision. The device features two scales: one for coarse measurement covering a range of +/—35° and another for fine measurement within +/—5°. This dual-scale approach allows users to switch between general assessments and more detailed measurements effortlessly, catering to quick estimates and precise adjustments.

Relags Silva Clinometer


Another hallmark of the Silva ‘Clinometer’ is its versatility. It’s perfectly suited for a wide array of applications – from determining the slope inclination on ski tours, which is critical for assessing avalanche risks, to aiding in the perfect parking of motorhomes and caravans. The inclinometer is also invaluable for off-road driving enthusiasts who need to estimate slope inclination to navigate challenging terrains safely.

Mounting Options

Understanding the varied needs of its users, Silva has equipped the ‘Clinometer’ with flexible mounting options. It can be securely screwed onto surfaces using four holes or mounted using the enclosed double adhesive tape, providing convenience and adaptability. Whether permanently affixed to a vehicle’s dashboard or temporarily attached to equipment, the clinometer offers stability and visibility in all conditions.


  • High Precision Measurement: The clinometer’s dual-scale functionality allows for both coarse (+/- 35°) and fine (+/- 5°) measurements, offering versatility in precision that caters to a wide range of applications, from risk assessment in avalanche-prone areas to precise vehicular adjustments.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Crafted with a robust design, the Silva ‘Clinometer’ is built to endure the harsh conditions of outdoor environments. Its durability ensures longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for professionals and enthusiasts alike.
  • Versatile Applications: The device’s utility extends beyond a single use-case, proving valuable in assessing slope inclination for avalanche safety, aiding in the precise parking of motorhomes and caravans, and enhancing off-road driving experiences.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: With options to screw on or use double adhesive tape for mounting, the clinometer offers installation flexibility, ensuring it can be easily integrated into various setups without the need for specialized tools or permanent alterations.


  • Learning Curve: For users unfamiliar with reading inclinometers or those new to its specific applications, there may be a learning curve involved in accurately interpreting the measurements and effectively utilizing the device.
  • Limited Measurement Range for Some Applications: While the dual-scale design benefits a wide range of scenarios, certain specialized applications might require measurement capabilities beyond the +/- 35° range, potentially limiting its utility in those contexts.
  • Product Name: Relags Silva ‘Clinometer’
  • Type: Inclinometer
  • Color: White
  • Size: One Size
  • Measurement Scales: Two scales for different precision levels
    • Coarse measurement scale: +/- 35°
    • Fine measurement scale: +/- 5°
  • Primary Use Cases:
    • Determining slope inclination for avalanche risk assessment during winter tours
    • Ensuring precise parking for motorhomes and caravans
    • Estimating slope inclination for safe off-road driving
  • Mounting Options:
    • Can be screwed on surfaces using four holes
    • Includes double adhesive tape for alternative mounting
  • Material: Durable material suited for outdoor and vehicular use
  • Visibility: Designed for clear readability with marked scales
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight for ease of transport and use in various settings
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of outdoor activities, including ski touring and off-road adventures

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The clinometer offers high precision with two measurement scales: a coarse scale of +/- 35° and a fine scale of +/- 5°, catering to different levels of measurement accuracy as required by the user.

It is designed for durability and can be used in various weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor activities such as ski touring and off-road driving.

Absolutely. The clinometer comes with flexible mounting options, including screw holes and double adhesive tape, allowing for easy installation on various surfaces without specialized tools.

Its precision and reliability make it suitable for both professional and recreational uses, including avalanche risk assessment and precise vehicle positioning.

Reading the clinometer involves aligning the device with the slope and then reading the angle from the appropriate scale (coarse or fine). Familiarity with the scales will enhance accuracy over time.

It can be used in various vehicles, from motorhomes and caravans to off-road vehicles, assisting drivers in estimating slope inclinations for safer maneuvering.

The Relags Silva Clinometer is a handy tool for anyone who needs to measure inclines or slopes. Its compact, white design makes it easy to carry, and its two scales provide versatility for both rough estimates (± 35°) and precise measurements (± 5°).
This clinometer is particularly useful for outdoor activities. Ski tourers can use it to determine slope steepness, while winter adventurers can assess avalanche risk. It also finds applications in various vehicle uses. Perfect parking for your campervan or caravan becomes easier, and off-road drivers can estimate slope angles for safe navigation.
Mounting options include four screw holes for a secure fit or the included double-sided adhesive tape for easy attachment. The Relags Silva Clinometer is a simple yet valuable tool for anyone needing to measure inclines or slopes accurately and conveniently.