Ray Ban Meta

Ray Ban Meta
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Step into the future with the sleekest shades on the block: the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses. Forget bulky headsets and awkward screens – these shades blend iconic Wayfarer style with cutting-edge tech, making them the ultimate accessory for the fashion-forward techie.
Imagine capturing crystal-clear photos and videos of your adventures hands-free while rocking a timeless pair of Ray-Bans. No more fumbling for your phone – answer calls, blast your tunes, and even send messages, all with a voice command (because who needs buttons when you’ve got superpowers?). Plus, the polarized lenses keep your eyes comfy and protected, whether cruising down the street or chilling poolside.
These aren’t just smart glasses; they’re a statement. They’re about pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to be connected. They’re for the go-getter who craves style and function and wants to experience the world hands-free without sacrificing a drop of coolness. So, ditch the bulky gadgets and embrace the future of fashion – the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses are here to stay.

Ray Ban Meta

  • Brand: Luxottica
  • Package Dimensions:  7.09 x 3.46 x 2.24 inches

Product Review

The Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses are not just a nod to the past but a leap into the future of wearable technology. At first glance, they retain the classic, universally flattering Wayfarer silhouette, but a closer look reveals the sophisticated technology embedded within. The matte black finish gives them a modern edge, suitable for any outfit or occasion. At the same time, the polarized gradient graphite lenses ensure visual clarity and protection against glare and harmful UV rays.
The heart of these glasses lies in their smart features. The ultra-wide 12 MP camera is a standout, allowing users to capture high-definition photos and videos discreetly and conveniently. Accompanied by a five-microphone system, the audio quality for calls and voice commands is impressively clear, enhancing the user experience whether you’re recording a memorable moment or taking a call on the go. Integrating Meta AI for voice control further elevates the hands-free experience, enabling users to perform tasks without missing a beat.

Ray Ban Meta

Audio quality is another area where these smart glasses shine. The discreet open-ear speakers deliver rich sound for music and calls, ensuring users remain connected to their environment. This feature, coupled with the ability to send messages and make calls via WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS through voice commands, showcases the glasses’ blend of convenience and connectivity.
Social sharing is made effortless with the ability to livestream directly to Instagram and Facebook, sharing your viewpoint with the world in real-time. Storage is generous, with 32 GB accommodating up to 100 videos and 500 photos, ensuring your memories can be shared or revisited anytime. The Meta View App complements the glasses by offering an easy way to manage content, apply special effects, and adjust privacy settings, emphasizing user control and customization.


  • Iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer design with a modern twist ensures timeless style.
  • High-quality, polarized gradient graphite lenses provide superior clarity and protection.
  • The 12 MP camera and five-mic system offer exceptional photo and video quality.
  • Voice control through Meta AI enhances the hands-free experience.
  • Open-ear speakers maintain audio quality without isolating users from their surroundings.
  • Seamless integration with social media for easy sharing and livestreaming.
  • Generous storage capacity for photos and videos, ensuring ample space for memories.
  • The Meta View App allows for easy management and customization of the glasses.


  • Battery life of up to four hours may require mid-day charging for heavy users.
  • The premium price point might be a barrier for some potential buyers.
  • Design & Style
    • Iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer silhouette
    • Matte Black finish
    • Polarized Gradient Graphite lenses
    • Lightweight frame for comfortable wear
  • Lens Features
    • High-performance lenses available in sun, polarized, or Transitions options
    • Offers advanced clarity, comfort, and 100% UVA & UVB protection
    • Prescription lens compatible
  • Smart Features
    • Ultra-wide 12 MP camera for high-quality photos and videos
    • Five-mic system for clear audio capture
    • Voice control capabilities with Meta AI for hands-free operation
    • Discreet open-ear speakers for audio playback without isolating the user
  • Connectivity & Social Integration
    • Make calls and send messages hands-free via WhatsApp, Messenger, and SMS
    • Livestream directly to Instagram and Facebook
    • Compatible with the Meta View App for managing glasses and content
  • Privacy & Security
    • Easy to access privacy settings through the Meta View App
    • Users can manage their information and sharing preferences
  • Compatibility & Requirements
    • Designed for use with the Meta View App
    • Compatible with most modern smartphones for full feature access
    • Intended for users aged 13 and above

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The glasses come with a portable case that charges them. Simply place the glasses in the case, and they will charge up to four hours of battery life. The case itself can hold up to 36 hours of charge time for convenient recharging on the go.

While the glasses are not specifically advertised as water-resistant, avoiding exposure to water is generally advisable to protect the electronic components. Please consult the product documentation or contact customer support for specific water resistance ratings.

The glasses are designed to pair with most modern smartphones via the Meta View App. For the best experience, ensure your smartphone’s operating system is up to date and compatible with the app’s requirements.

Yes, the volume of the open-ear speakers can be adjusted through the Meta View App or by using voice commands, allowing you to customize the audio output to your preference.

Photos and videos can be captured using voice commands or the discreet button on the glasses’ frame. This allows for hands-free operation, making capturing moments without disrupting your activity easy.

The polarized gradient graphite lenses are designed to be durable and provide clarity and protection. While they offer a degree of scratch resistance, it’s important to handle the glasses with care and store them in their case when not in use to maintain their condition.

Forget bulky headsets and awkward gadgets – imagine slipping on a pair of iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers that look cool and pack a tech punch! That’s the magic of the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses. These shades are like your stylish best friend and your tech whiz rolled into one. Want to capture that epic sunset or a hilarious friend moment? Snap a pic or video with the built-in camera – no need to fumble for your phone. Feeling antsy without your tunes? Blast your favorite music right through the glasses, thanks to hidden speakers. And the best part? You can do all this without feeling like a cyborg; the classic Wayfarer design stays true, so you’ll look as good as you feel.
These smart shades might cost a pretty penny, and the battery life isn’t marathon-long (yet). But these Wayfarers are game-changers if you crave the latest tech without sacrificing style. They’re a peek into the future, letting you experience the world, connect with others, and share your moments in a new way. So, are you ready to ditch the tech baggage and embrace the future of smart? Look no further than the Meta Ray-Ban Wayfarer Smart Glasses – they’re the ultimate fusion of fashion and function, ready to elevate your everyday life.