New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer

This New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer is all about empowering active women! It’s not just another gym buddy; it’s a statement piece packed with thoughtful design and innovative features. Whether you’re a high-intensity warrior or a casual walker, the New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer has your back. Thanks to a clever midsole made partly from plants, it cushions your every step with bouncy comfort and lets your feet breathe with its airy mesh upper. The memory foam inserts molds to your feet for a personalized touch of luxury. And don’t worry about slipping; the grippy outsole will keep you steady on any terrain.

New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer

  •  Color: Grey/White
  • Fabric type: 100% Fabric
  • Sole material:  Rubber

Product Review

Design and Comfort

The New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer excels in its design and marries style with functionality. The shoe’s aesthetic is modern and sleek, appealing to those who value fashion alongside performance. The synthetic air mesh upper is a standout feature, offering superior stretch and breathability. The NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert further enhances the comfort of the Nergize V3. This insert provides a plush, cushioned feel underfoot, noticeable from the first step. It’s particularly beneficial for activities that require prolonged standing or walking, as it helps to reduce foot fatigue. 

Performance and Durability

At the core of the Nergize V3’s performance is the DynaSoft midsole. This feature offers a balance of responsiveness and comfort, making the shoe suitable for various exercises, from jogging to aerobics. 

New Balance Women's Nergize V3 Cross Trainer

The bio-based foam incorporated into the New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer aligns with a growing trend towards sustainability in athletic wear. This eco-friendly component doesn’t compromise on performance, offering durability and comfort while being mindful of the environment.

The rubber outsole is strategically placed in high-wear areas for traction and longevity. 


The Nergize V3 is not just limited to training sessions. Its versatile design makes it suitable for casual wear as well. The sleek profile and range of color options allow it to blend seamlessly with various outfits, making it a practical choice for those seeking a multi-purpose athletic shoe.


  • Advanced Comfort Technology: The NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert offers a luxurious feel, providing excellent cushioning that conforms to the foot’s shape. This feature is ideal for those who spend long hours on their feet or engage in activities that require substantial foot support.
  • Breathable Design: The synthetic air mesh upper ensures the feet stay cool and dry. This breathability is crucial for maintaining foot health and comfort during intense workouts or in warm climates.
  • Responsive Cushioning: The DynaSoft midsole strikes an impressive balance between soft comfort and responsive performance. It absorbs impact effectively, making the shoe suitable for various high-impact activities.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Using bio-based foam demonstrates New Balance’s commitment to sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Durability: The strategic placement of the rubber outsole in high traction areas enhances the shoe’s longevity, ensuring it withstands regular use in various training environments.
  • Versatility: The sleek design and range of colors make the Nergize V3 suitable for athletic activities and casual wear, offering value for money.


  • Narrow Fit for Some: Users with wider feet might find the fit snug. It’s advisable to try them on or consider a size up for a comfortable fit.
  • Aesthetic Durability: While the shoe is structurally durable, the outer material may show wear and tear more visibly, especially in lighter colors.
  • Product Name: New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer
  • Midsole:
    • Feature: DynaSoft midsole
    • Benefit: Provides ultra-responsive performance and plush comfort
  • Material:
    • Upper: Synthetic air mesh
    • Foam: Bio-based
  • Upper Design:
    • Type: Stretchable and breathable synthetic air mesh
    • Benefit: Enhances foot breathability and flexibility
  • Insole:
    • Type: NB Memory Sole Comfort Insert
    • Benefit: Offers a plush feel with every step and adapts to foot contours
  • Outsole:
    • Material: Rubber
    • Placement: High traction areas
    • Benefit: Ensures durability and performance
  • Size and Fit:
    • Fit: Generally true to size, slightly narrow
    • Advice: Consider a half size up for wider feet
  • Usage: Suitable for various activities, including high-intensity workouts and casual wear
  • Sustainability: Incorporates eco-friendly bio-based foam
  • Style: Modern and sleek, available in multiple color options
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Easy to clean; recommended to follow manufacturer’s care instructions

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While the New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer is primarily designed as a cross trainer, it offers enough cushioning and support for short to moderate runs. 

The New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer generally fits true to size. However, it’s important to note that the shoe has a somewhat narrow profile. Those with wider feet should go half a size up for a more comfortable fit.

The New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer is designed to withstand regular use in various training environments. The quality materials and construction, especially the reinforced high-wear areas, contribute to its durability. However, like all athletic shoes, longevity will depend on the frequency and intensity of use.

While the New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer features a bio-based foam, verifying the complete list of materials used is essential. For those seeking a vegan option, it is advisable to consult New Balance’s product specifications or customer service for detailed material information.

The New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer provides moderate arch support, which is sufficient for most users. However, those requiring specialized arch support might consider additional insoles or a different model tailored to their needs.

Yes, the New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer can be easily maintained with regular cleaning. The synthetic upper can be wiped down with a damp cloth, and for more thorough cleaning, following the manufacturer’s instructions is recommended to preserve the shoe’s integrity.

The New Balance Women’s Nergize V3 Cross Trainer is more than just a trainer – it’s your everyday champion. This comfy, supportive shoe easily handles tough workouts and casual strolls thanks to its plush cushioning and sleek design. Plus, it’s made with eco-friendly materials so you can feel good about your choice. While it might not be perfect for everyone (wider feet might need more space, and arch support could be more specific), the Nergize V3 is a reliable, stylish, and versatile option for most active women. It’s like having a gym buddy and everyday friend all rolled into one!

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