Mojo Extra Wide Plus Size Calf Compression Sleeves

Mojo Extra Wide Plus Size Calf Compression Sleeves

Compression therapy, a well-established practice for maintaining leg health, has seen significant advancements with products like Mojo Compression Socks Footless for Women and Men. These calf sleeves are more than just a therapeutic accessory; they represent a blend of medical efficacy and contemporary style. This comprehensive review explores the Mojo Compression Socks Calf Sleeves (model A604), focusing on their unique features, design, and benefits for leg health, especially those dealing with circulatory or lymphatic issues.
Designed to offer 20-30mmHg compression, these socks address problems like spider veins, lymphedema, swelling, and DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis). We’ll see how they achieve this, their construction quality, the comfort they provide, and their style quotient. Additionally, we’ll weigh their pros and cons, answer frequently asked questions, and conclude with an overall assessment. This detailed review will give you insights into whether the Mojo Compression Socks Calf Sleeves are the right choice for your needs.

Mojo Extra Wide Plus Size Calf Compression Sleeves

  •  Color: Black/Green
  • Fabric type: 75% Nylon – 25% Lycra Spandex
  • Care instructions:  Machine Wash

Product Review

The Mojo Compression Socks Calf Sleeves are designed with a unique blend of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra Spandex. This combination ensures durability and elasticity, providing a snug yet comfortable fit around the calf. The footless design is particularly noteworthy as it offers compression benefits while allowing freedom for the toes and feet, making them suitable for long durations of wear. The construction quality of these sleeves is evident in their stitching and fabric resilience, ensuring they maintain their compression levels even after multiple uses and washes.
One of the standout features of the Mojo Calf Sleeves is their 20-30mmHg graduated compression. This level of compression is often recommended for moderate to severe leg issues. It works by applying pressure to the legs, which helps promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, and prevent the formation of blood clots. Users with conditions like varicose veins and oedema or those recovering from surgery might find significant relief and support from these sleeves.


Despite their firm compression, these calf sleeves are surprisingly comfortable. This is attributed to their superior fabric blend, which offers breathability and moisture-wicking properties, keeping the legs dry and at ease. The range of sizes available, from Small to 7x-large, ensures that users of various body types can find a perfect fit. The extra-wide option caters to those with larger calves, a demographic often overlooked in compression wear.
Mojo has effectively married function with fashion in these calf sleeves. Users can make a style statement in four vibrant colours while benefiting from compression therapy. This aspect makes the Mojo Calf Sleeves appealing for medical use and athletes and individuals seeking leg support during activities or for style purposes.


  • Effective Compression Therapy: The 20-30mmHg graduated compression is ideal for treating moderate to severe leg issues, effectively aiding in improved circulation, reducing swelling, and preventing deep vein thrombosis.
  • High-Quality Material: The blend of 75% Nylon and 25% Lycra Spandex offers durability, elasticity, and comfort, making the sleeves suitable for prolonged wear.
  • Versatile Size Range: With sizes from Small to 7X-large and an extra-wide option, these calf sleeves cater to a wide range of body types, ensuring a more inclusive fit.
  • Stylish Design: These calf sleeves are fashionable in four vibrant colors, allowing users to combine health benefits with style.


  • Compression Level Not for Everyone: The 20-30mmHg compression might be too intense for individuals who require only mild or are new to compression therapy.
  • Limited Color Options: While stylish, only four colors may satisfy some style preferences or match every outfit.
  • Product Name: Mojo Compression Socks Footless for Women and Men – Extra Wide Plus Size Calf Sleeve – A604
  • Compression Level: 20-30mmHg (medical-grade, graduated compression)
  • Material Composition: 75% Nylon, 25% Lycra Spandex
  • Size Range: Available in sizes Small to 7X-Large, with extra-wide calf options
  • Color Options: Four different color choices
  • Design: Footless calf sleeve design
  • Target Users: Individuals with circulatory or lymphatic issues like spider veins, lymphedema, swelling, DVT; athletes; people requiring leg support
  • Features:
    • Graduated compression for improved blood circulation
    • High-quality, durable fabric blend
    • Moisture-wicking and breathable material
    • Stylish and comfortable for everyday wear
    • Suitable for a wide range of activities
  • Brand: Mojo Compression Socks
  • Manufacturer’s Experience: Over 25 years in the compression therapy industry
  • Packaging: Comes in secure, sustainable packaging

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They are ideal for individuals suffering from circulatory and lymphatic issues like spider veins, lymphedema, and DVT. Athletes, people standing or sitting for long periods, and those seeking leg support during various activities can also benefit.

Refer to the size chart provided by Mojo. Measuring your calf circumference accurately ensures the best fit and effectiveness.

Absolutely. These calf sleeves are designed to fit and benefit both men and women.

Follow the care instructions provided by Mojo. Generally, it’s recommended to wash them by hand in cold water and air dry to maintain their elasticity and compression quality.

Mojo typically offers a return policy, but it’s best to check the specific terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

These calf sleeves are great for travel, especially for long flights with limited leg movement, to prevent DVT and swelling.

The Mojo Compression Socks Footless Calf Sleeves (A604) stand out as a robust solution for individuals seeking relief from various circulatory and lymphatic issues and those needing leg support. The blend of style, comfort, and medical efficacy makes them a versatile choice for a wide audience.
The 20-30mmHg graduated compression is a key feature, offering substantial benefits in improving circulation, reducing swelling, and aiding recovery. This compression level caters well to those with moderate to severe leg issues but might be too intense for others. The high-quality material ensures durability and comfort, making these sleeves a long-term investment in leg health.
Size inclusivity is another commendable aspect, with options ranging from Small to 7X-Large, catering to a diverse user base. While the color options are limited, the available choices are stylish and can complement various outfits or preferences.
However, the price point and maintenance requirements might be considerations for some potential buyers. Also, while offering freedom and comfort to the feet, the footless design may not suit those needing foot compression.