lepmok Clip Holder Accessory

lepmok Clip Holder Accessory
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The Lepmok Clip Holder lets you clip your Fitbit Charge 5 or 6 right onto your clothes, giving you comfort and freedom. Whether sweating it out at the gym or just want a change, this lepmok Clip Holder is made of tough stuff and comes in a stylish midnight blue. This review checks out everything you need to know: how comfy it is, how well it works, and if it’s worth your money.

lepmok Clip Holder Accessory

lepmok Clip Holder Accessory
  •  Color: Midnight Blue
  • Manufacturer: lepmok
  • Package Dimensions:  2.48 x 1.77 x 0.87 inches

Product Review

Design and Material Quality

 The choice of Midnight Blue for the silicone part of the clip gives it a subtle yet sophisticated appearance, allowing it to blend effortlessly with various clothing items. The material selection—silicone, metal, and plastic—balances durability and comfort. The silicone ensures a soft, skin-friendly touch, reducing the risk of irritation, while the metal and plastic components add a layer of sturdiness, ensuring the device stays securely fastened, no matter the activity.

The clip’s construction is designed to be splash-proof, a critical feature for those leading active lifestyles or simply for everyday mishaps. 

Functionality and Usability

The core functionality of the Lepmok Clip Holder lies in its ability to securely fasten the Fitbit Charge 5 or 6 to various parts of the wearer’s attire. This is especially beneficial for those who may find wristbands uncomfortable or distracting during certain activities or prefer to avoid wearing a watch.

lepmok Clip Holder Accessory

An attractive design note recommends that the Charge 5 or 6’s display face outward when clipped to a bra. This orientation ensures that the device’s screen remains visible and accessible, allowing users to glance at their fitness metrics without needing to remove the device or disrupt their activity. 


The explicit compatibility with the Fitbit Charge 5 and Charge 6 models ensures a snug fit, minimizing the risk of the device falling out or being damaged. This tailored design addresses one of the primary concerns with third-party accessories, ensuring that the clip holder works seamlessly with the specified Fitbit models without hindering their functionality or sensor accuracy.


  • Versatile Wearability: The lepmok Clip Holder offers a practical alternative to wristwear, allowing users to attach their Fitbit device to belts, waistbands, pockets, or bras. This versatility caters to various activities and clothing preferences, ensuring continuous tracking without compromising comfort or style.
  • High-Quality Materials: Comprising silicone, metal, and plastic, the lepmok Clip Holder is designed for durability and comfort. The silicone part is skin-friendly, reducing the risk of irritation, while the metal and plastic components ensure the device remains securely fastened.
  • Splash-Proof Design: The accessory’s splash-proof nature makes it suitable for use in various settings, including light workouts and outdoor activities, providing peace of mind in case of exposure to water.
  • Easy to Clean: The silicone material offers comfort and ensures the lepmok Clip Holder is easy to clean, maintaining hygiene and extending the product’s lifespan.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The Midnight Blue color adds a touch of elegance, allowing the clip holder to blend seamlessly with different outfits, making it a stylish accessory in its own right.


  • Limited Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Fitbit Charge 5 and Charge 6 models, the clip holder’s usability is restricted to users of these devices, excluding a broader audience with different Fitbit models or other fitness trackers.
  • Potential for Misplacement: While the clip offers a secure attachment, there’s an inherent risk of misplacement or loss, particularly in busy environments or when attached to less secure clothing items.
  • Compatibility:
    • Perfectly compatible with Fitbit Charge 5 and Charge 6 models.
    • Not suitable for Fitbit Charge 3 or Charge 4.
  • Material Composition:
    • Made of high-quality silicone for comfort and skin-friendliness.
    • Incorporates metal and plastic components for durability and secure attachment.
  • Design Features:
    • It is splash-proof, making it resilient against water splashes and sweat.
    • Easy to clean, ensuring hygiene and maintenance simplicity.
    • Designed for comfort, minimizing the risk of skin irritation.
  • Functionality:
    • Allows the Fitbit device to be clipped securely to a belt, waistband, pocket, or bra, offering versatility beyond wristwear.
    • Ensures the Fitbit’s display faces outward when clipped, especially to a bra, for easy viewing and interaction.
  • Color:
    • Available in Midnight Blue, providing a stylish and subtle accessory option.
  • Maintenance:
    • The clip is easy to clean, requiring only a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth and mild soap as needed.

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Yes, the lepmok Clip Holder is designed to securely fasten the Fitbit Charge 5 or 6 to your clothing, making it suitable for various physical activities, including running. Its high-quality materials ensure the device stays in place. However, attaching it to secure and tight-fitting clothing is advisable to prevent any movement or loss during vigorous activities.

The splash-proof design means the lepmok Clip Holder can withstand minor exposure to water, such as sweat or light rain, making it suitable for most daily activities and workouts. However, lepmok Clip Holder is not waterproof, so it’s not recommended for swimming or activities that involve significant water exposure.

The lepmok Clip Holder can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. For optimal hygiene and to maintain the material’s integrity, cleaning the clip holder regularly is recommended, especially after workouts or exposure to dirt. Ensure it’s scorched before reattaching your Fitbit device.

No, the lepmok Clip Holder is designed to work seamlessly with the Fitbit Charge 5 and 6, ensuring that all tracking functionalities, including step count and heart rate monitoring, remain accurate. The key is that the lepmok Clip Holder is securely fastened and positioned correctly per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Wearing the Fitbit on a clip provides an alternative for users who find wristbands uncomfortable or prefer not to wear watches. Depending on the activity or outfit, it offers the freedom to position the device in a more discreet or comfortable location. However, convenience and comfort levels may vary based on personal preferences and the specific use case.

Instead of wearing the Fitbit on your wrist, this Lepmok Clip Holder lets you attach it to your clothes. This is handy for workouts, keeping it secure, or not having it on your wrist. It’s made of quality materials and can handle sweat or splashes. lepmok Clip Holder only works with Charge 5 and 6; you might accidentally lose it if you’re not careful. The Lepmok Clip Holder is a stylish and convenient way to wear your Fitbit Charge 5 or 6.