JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring

JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring
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JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring is here to redefine convenience and style. This isn’t your grandma’s mood ring; it’s a multi-tasking marvel packed with tech that seamlessly blends into your life.
Think of it like a personal assistant wrapped around your finger. It ditches the need for multiple access cards, lets you share social media with a tap, and even throws in a wireless flash drive. Plus, it boasts some fancy “health stones” for an extra zen touch. But wait, there’s more! This ring isn’t just about function; it’s fashionable, too. The sleek Tai Chi design makes it a statement piece, perfect for the tech-savvy trendsetter. So, whether you’re tired of juggling cards, want to share your latest selfie in a flash, or love rocking the latest tech, the JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring is worth a look. It’s a glimpse into the future of personal tech, and it’s right here, right now. Ready to ditch the old and embrace the new? This ring might be your key.

JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring

  •  Gem type: No Gemstone
  • Brand: JAKCOM
  • Material:  Ceramic

Product Review

The JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring boasts a sophisticated design and many features that set it apart from traditional wearables. Crafted from ceramic, the ring exhibits a sleek, modern look with its distinctive Tai Chi double color design, ensuring it stands out as a fashion accessory while encapsulating cutting-edge technology. The absence of metal and gemstones focuses on its minimalist aesthetic and the technology within.
This smart ring redefines the concept of wearable convenience by integrating the functionality of six RFID cards, allowing users to replicate access control, turnstile, elevator, parking, time, and various other cards. This feature streamlines daily routines and minimizes the need to carry multiple physical cards.


Including NFC capabilities broadens its utility, facilitating quick sharing of social account information and starting personal functions like location messages and virtual calls.
Moreover, the R5 Ring’s exclusive 128GB wireless storage space is a notable feature. It allows for the quick sharing of files between phones, underscoring the ring’s utility in professional settings where the swift exchange of documents is essential. Adding two energy stones embedded in the ring introduces a wellness dimension by aiming to improve human electromagnetic fields (EMFs), blending technology with health benefits.


  • Multifunctional RFID Capability: Emulating up to six RFID cards (including IC, ID, and NFC cards) consolidates multiple functionalities into a single, wearable device, enhancing convenience.
  • Wireless Disk Sharing: With 128GB of storage, users can easily share files wirelessly, highlighting the ring’s utility in personal and professional contexts.
  • Fashionable Design: The unique Tai Chi design and ceramic material offer a stylish accessory that complements any outfit, merging technology with fashion.
  • Health Features: Incorporating energy stones to improve human EMFs potentially adds wellness to the wearable technology.


  • Size Limitations: Available in only three sizes, it may only fit some users comfortably or aesthetically.
  • Learning Curve: The wide array of features and functionalities may require adjustment and learning to maximize the ring’s potential.
  • Ring Size: Available in 3 sizes to accommodate different finger circumferences.
  • Material: Crafted from ceramic, offering a sleek and modern look with durability.
  • Gem Type: Does not contain any gemstones, focusing on a minimalist and technology-oriented design.
  • Design: Features a unique Tai Chi double color design on the front and back sides, serving as a fashionable accessory.
  • RFID Functionality: Can emulate 2 IC cards (13.56MHz), 2 ID cards (125KHz), and 2 NFC cards simultaneously, allowing it to function as various cards like access control, turnstile, elevator, parking, time card, supermarket cards, gas cards, medical cards, etc.
  • Social Account Sharing: Enables quick sharing of social account information to other phones, covering almost all mainstream social platforms.
  • Personal Functions: Facilitates the quick start of many personal functions such as Location Message, Virtual Call, control over MI Home Smart Devices, and scripts for Apple Shortcuts.
  • Wireless Disk Sharing: Includes an exclusive 128GB storage space for wireless file sharing, enhancing its utility for professional and personal use.
  • Health Features: Inlaid with two energy stones to improve human electromagnetic fields (EMFs), adding a wellness aspect to its features.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work with iPhone and Android devices, leveraging NFC functions for various actions and integrations.
  • Fashion and Technology Integration: Combines a stylish accessory with multifunctional technology, representing a leap forward in wearable devices.

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The JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring is an intelligent wearable device designed to offer a variety of functionalities, including the ability to store and emulate multiple RFID cards, share social account information and files wirelessly, and incorporate health benefits through embedded energy stones, all within a stylish accessory.

The NFC function allows the R5 Ring to interact with NFC-enabled devices for tasks such as sharing social media account details, initiating smart home commands, or triggering custom smartphone actions through simple gestures.

It can emulate up to six RFID cards, covering frequencies of 13.56MHz and 125KHz, common for access control, time cards, parking, and more, effectively consolidating your wallet’s clutter into a single wearable.

The R5 Ring is compatible with iPhone and Android devices with NFC capabilities, making it versatile across many modern smartphones.

The 128GB wireless disk space on the R5 Ring employs encryption and security protocols to ensure your data remains secure during wireless transmission, safeguarding your files from unauthorized access.

The R5 Ring is embedded with energy stones that are claimed to improve human electromagnetic fields (EMFs), potentially offering health benefits such as reduced fatigue and improved sleep quality, although experiences may vary.

The JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring represents a significant leap forward in wearable technology, blending style, functionality, and wellness in a compact, fashionable design. Its ability to streamline daily tasks, such as access control and file sharing, and its health-oriented features position the R5 as more than just a gadget; it’s a lifestyle enhancer. While there are considerations to be made regarding size and compatibility, the benefits it offers, especially in consolidating multiple tools into a single wearable, are undeniable. For those seeking to integrate technology more seamlessly into their lives while maintaining a sense of style, the JAKCOM R5 Smart Ring is a compelling choice. R5 Smart Ring will undoubtedly play an important role in shaping how we interact with the world around us, making our daily routines more efficient and our lives more connected.