INMO Air 2 AR Glasses Wireless

INMO Air 2 AR Glasses Wireless
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Enter the INMO Air 2, sleek AR glasses that pack a punch. Imagine watching movies on a personal cinema screen, understanding foreign languages on the fly, or having a helpful assistant whispering tips in your ear without touching your phone. Nail presentations with the built-in teleprompter. Globetrotters, conquer language barriers with real-time translation in 10 languages. Techies and couch potatoes alike, chill and watch movies on the crisp 1080P display. Plus, a ChatGPT-powered assistant tackles tasks hands-free.

INMO Air 2 AR Glasses Wireless

INMO Air 2 AR Glasses Wireless
  •  Color: Black
  • Brand: inmo
  • Compatible Devices:  Smartphone

Product Review

At the heart of the INMO Air 2 AR Glasses is its 1080P Micro-OLED display, which delivers crisp, clear images directly into the user’s field of vision. The visual experience is enhanced when the device is used as sunglasses, with clip-on shades that transform the glasses into an excellent protective accessory under the sun.
The integration of ChatGPT AI Assistant is a standout feature, leveraging OpenAI’s GPT model to provide intelligent assistance that can help with problem-solving and information retrieval. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals needing hands-free access to information or anyone who desires an intelligent companion during their daily activities.

INMO Air 2 AR Glasses Wireless

Language barriers become a thing of the past with the INMO Air 2’s ability to recognize and translate speech in real-time across ten languages. This feature is indispensable for travelers and international business professionals, facilitating seamless communication and understanding in various contexts.
The control of the INMO Air 2 AR Glasses is innovative and intuitive, thanks to the convenient control ring. This unique accessory simplifies interaction with the glasses, making it easy to navigate through menus and select options without the need to touch the glasses directly.
The recommendation against installing unofficial Android apps due to potential compatibility issues highlights the need for careful management of the device’s software environment to maintain optimal performance.


  • High-Resolution Display: The 1080P Micro-OLED display offers users a sharp, clear image quality, enhancing the overall viewing experience, whether for watching movies, viewing presentations, or navigating apps.
  • Versatile Functionality: With features like ChatGPT AI Assistant, real-time translation in 10 languages, teleprompter capabilities, and the ability to take photos and make phone calls, the INMO Air 2 serves multiple purposes beyond traditional AR glasses.
  • Seamless Communication: The real-time translation feature supports ten languages, making these glasses a powerful tool for international travelers and business professionals looking to overcome language barriers.
  • Innovative Design: The inclusion of clip-on sunglasses protects the user’s eyes from the sun and transforms the glasses into a stylish accessory suitable for any occasion.
  • Ease of Control: The innovative control ring offers a unique and intuitive way to interact with the glasses, providing a seamless user experience without needing to touch the glasses.
  • Comprehensive Package: The glasses come with complete accessories, including a magnetic charging cable and a carrying case, ensuring users have everything they need to get started.


  • App Compatibility Concerns: While the device runs on Android, the recommendation against installing unofficial apps may limit the variety of applications users can enjoy, potentially affecting the device’s versatility.
  • Battery Life: While not explicitly mentioned, the advanced features and continuous connectivity could strain the battery, impacting the device’s usability over extended periods without charging.
  • Brand: INMO
  • Color: Black
  • Unique Feature: Integrated speaker
  • Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth
  • Included Components: Air AR Glasses, Clip-on Sunglasses, Control Ring, Magnetic Charging Cable, Magnetic Frame, Wipe, User Guider, Eyeglasses Case, Package Box
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphone
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Model Name: INMO Air 2
  • Platform Compatibility: iOS, Android
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080
  • All-In-One AR Glasses: Features include ChatGPT AI Assistant, ten languages speech recognition & real-time translation, teleprompter, watching movies, taking photos/videos, and making phone calls. They can also be used as cool sunglasses with the included clip-on sunglasses.
  • ChatGPT AI Assistant: Integrated with Open AI’s GPT model, it provides an intelligent assistant for problem-solving and information retrieval anytime, anywhere.
  • 10 Languages Translation: Supports English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Cantonese, and Chinese Mandarin for global business communication and travel.
  • Convenient Control Ring: Simplifies interaction with the AR glasses through Bluetooth pairing, enhancing the user experience by making navigation and selection more intuitive.
  • What’s Included: A comprehensive package that ensures users have everything they need to use AR glasses right out of the box.
  • App Installation: Runs on Android, allowing installation of Android apps through ADB, but installation from unofficial app stores is not recommended due to potential compatibility issues.

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The INMO Air 2 AR Glasses are integrated with OpenAI’s GPT model, allowing users to access an intelligent assistant capable of problem-solving and information retrieval. This feature is activated through voice commands, providing real-time assistance for various queries and tasks, from setting reminders to fetching information from the web.

Yes, the INMO Air 2 AR Glasses have a real-time translation feature that supports ten languages, including English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Korean, Russian, Italian, Cantonese, and Chinese Mandarin. This allows for seamless conversation with speakers of these languages, breaking down language barriers in social and professional settings.

The INMO Air 2 AR Glasses are compatible with iOS and Android platforms, offering compatibility with most modern smartphones. This ensures that users easily connect their glasses to their devices via Bluetooth for a seamless experience.

While specific battery life details are not provided, the INMO Air 2 AR Glasses have a magnetic charging cable, suggesting a convenient charging mechanism. Given the advanced features of the glasses, users should anticipate regular charging to maintain optimal performance throughout the day.

Yes, the INMO Air 2 AR Glasses comes with clip-on sunglasses, transforming them into protective eyewear suitable for outdoor use. This feature enhances the glasses’ versatility and protects the eyes from UV rays while maintaining the augmented reality functionalities.

The INMO Air 2 AR Glasses run on an Android system, theoretically allowing the installation of any Android app through ADB (Android Debug Bridge). However, the manufacturer advises against installing unofficial apps from sources outside the designated app store due to potential compatibility issues and the risk of making the system unusable.

INMO Air 2 AR glasses are like magic sunglasses, blending the real world with helpful digital info. Picture watching movies on the go, translating languages instantly, or getting directions without missing a step. Think super-assistant whispering tips during a presentation, helping you learn a new tongue on the fly, or guiding you like a pro in unfamiliar places. These INMO Air 2 AR Glasses are a sneak peek into the future, where tech effortlessly fits into our lives.