FitTurn Clip Case Accessory

FitTurn Clip Case Accessory
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Kids must stay active, too, and the Fitbit Ace 3 helps them do just that! But what if you could make it even more relaxed and easier to use? That’s where the FitTurn Clip Case Accessory comes in. This review checks out this FitTurn Clip Case Accessory that clips onto the Ace 3 to see if it lives up to its promise of being stylish and practical. Unlike a regular case, the FitTurn lets kids wear the Ace 3 differently, making it more comfy and fitting their style, whether playing sports or dressing up.

FitTurn Clip Case Accessory

FitTurn Clip Case Accessory
  •  Color: Black,White
  • Brand: FitTurn
  • Sensor Type:  Temperature

Product Review

Design and Compatibility
The FitTurn Clip Case is designed with compatibility at its core. It is tailored specifically for the Fitbit Ace 3, ensuring a snug and secure fit crucial for accurate activity tracking. Its design does not interfere with the device’s operation but enhances it by offering an alternative wearing option.
Material Quality
The choice of materials for the FitTurn Clip Case is strategic and considerate. Combining silicone, metal, and plastic, the accessory balances durability and comfort. Silicone is renowned for its skin-friendly properties, making it an ideal choice for children with sensitive skin. Moreover, the material’s water-resistant nature ensures the clip stays dry and clean, mitigating skin irritation.

FitTurn Clip Case Accessory

Versatility and Functionality
One of the unique selling points of the FitTurn Clip Case is its versatility. Shifting the Fitbit Ace 3 from wrist to clip mode opens up new possibilities for how the tracker can be worn. Clipping it onto a sock, for instance, can lead to more accurate step counting, an ingenious solution for when traditional wrist placement might not capture all movements. This adaptability extends to various clothing parts, such as sleeves, belts, or even shoes, reflecting a deep understanding of children’s diverse and active play habits.
Aesthetic Appeal
The aesthetic dimension of the FitTurn Clip Case cannot be overlooked. Available in black and white, it offers a minimalist yet stylish addition to the Fitbit Ace 3, allowing it to blend seamlessly with different outfits and occasions. This attention to design caters to the functional aspect of wearing a fitness tracker and the child’s expression, making the Ace 3 a tool for health tracking and a fashion statement.


  • Enhanced Versatility: The clip-on feature significantly broadens how and where the Fitbit Ace 3 can be worn. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for children, accommodating their varied activities and ensuring more accurate tracking of their movements, whether on the wrist, shoe, belt, or sock.
  • Material Quality: Comprising silicone, metal, and plastic, the accessory promises durability without compromising comfort. The silicone is skin-friendly, which is crucial for preventing irritation, especially considering children’s sensitive skin. Additionally, its water-resistant nature ensures longevity and hygiene.
  • Design Specificity: Designed exclusively for the Fitbit Ace 3, the clip case guarantees a perfect fit, ensuring the device’s functionality is not hindered. This specificity eliminates the common issue of incompatibility seen with universal accessories.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in neutral colors (black and white), the clip case is functional and stylish. It complements various outfits, allowing kids to personalize their look while staying active, making the Fitbit Ace 3 a fitness tool and a fashion accessory.
  • Ease of Use: The instruction to switch from wrist to clip mode before using underscores the accessory’s user-friendly design. This straightforward process ensures that children or parents can easily adjust without fuss.


  • Risk of Misplacement: Given its detachable nature, there’s an inherent risk of the clip case (and the tracker within) getting lost, especially if clipped onto less secure or frequently changed clothing items.
  • Compatibility Limitation: The accessory’s exclusive design for the Fitbit Ace 3 means it cannot be used with other fitness trackers, including different models within the Fitbit range. This limitation might be a drawback for families with multiple types of devices.
  • Brand: FitTurn
  • Color Options: Black, White
  • Compatibility: Exclusively compatible with Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker for Kids 6+
  • Material Composition:
    • Silicone: Offers a comfortable, skin-friendly surface.
    • Metal: Provides durability and secures the clip in place.
    • Plastic: Adds to the lightweight design and ease of use.
  • Sensor Compatibility: Designed to not interfere with the device’s temperature sensor or any other functionalities.
  • Design Features:
    • Clip-on accessory: Enhances versatility in how and where the tracker can be worn.
    • Tailored fit: Ensures a perfect fit for the Fitbit Ace 3, enhancing aesthetics and functionality.
  • Usage: Before inserting the tracker into the clip accessory, you must switch the Fitbit Ace 3 from “On Wrist” mode to “On Clip” mode.
  • Application: Can be clipped onto socks, sleeves, belts, necklines, pants, or shoes for versatile wear and more accurate step counting.
  • Package Contents: Includes the Clip Holder compatible with Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker (Note: Tracker is not included).
  • Special Attention: It’s essential to ensure the clip and tracker stay dry and clean for optimal comfort and skin health.

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Yes, theFitTurn Clip Case Accessory is made of comfortable silicone, metal, and plastic, focusing on skin-friendly. The silicone’s hypoallergenic nature makes FitTurn Clip Case Accessory suitable for children with sensitive skin, provided the clip remains dry and clean to avoid irritation.

Attaching the FitTurn Clip Case Accessory to various clothing items like socks, sleeves, or belts can enhance the tracker’s step-counting accuracy when positioned correctly. This versatility allows for more accurate activity tracking, especially in minimal wrist movements.

Before inserting the Ace 3 tracker into the FitTurn Clip Case Accessory, change the device’s mode from “On Wrist” to “On Clip.” This adjustment ensures accurate activity tracking and maintains the device’s functionality.

If the FitTurn Clip Case Accessory gets wet or dirty, it is recommended to clean and dry it thoroughly before placing the Ace 3 tracker back inside. Keeping the clip clean helps maintain hygiene and ensures continuous comfort for the child’s skin.

While the FitTurn Clip Case Accessory is made of water-resistant materials, it’s essential to note that its suitability for swimming depends on the waterproof rating of the Fitbit Ace 3 itself. Always refer to the device’s specifications for water activities.

The FitTurn Clip Case Accessory is designed not to obstruct the temperature sensor or other functionalities of the Fitbit Ace 3. The strategic design allows for uninterrupted performance, fully utilising the device’s features.

The FitTurn Clip Case Accessory is an excellent add-on for the Fitbit Ace 3 activity tracker for kids. It clips onto different clothing parts and comes in fun colors, so kids will want to wear it. This is important because the tracker needs to be worn in the right spot to track steps accurately. The case is made of soft, comfy material that won’t irritate kids’ skin. But remember, it only works with the Ace 3 and costs extra money. Also, kids might lose it if they’re not careful, so make sure they understand how to clip it on properly.