COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor

COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor
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The COOSPO H6M heart rate monitor Aims to track your heart rate super accurately and connect to all your favorite fitness apps and devices. Plus, it’s comfy and sweatproof, so you can focus on crushing your goals, not adjusting your gear. This review uncovers everything you need to know: does the COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor live up to the hype, or is it just another tech gimmick? Get ready to see if this gadget is the missing piece to your fitness puzzle!

COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor

COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor
  •  Color: H6M HRM
  • Brand: CooSpo
  • Material:  Nylon, Plastic

Product Review

The heart of the H6M lies in its high-performance sensor that ensures professional-grade heart rate tracking. This sensor’s reliability is vital for tailoring exercise intensity, understanding fitness levels, and monitoring overall heart health. Connectivity is another arena where the H6M shines. Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology offer unparalleled compatibility with devices and platforms, including GPS bike computers, fitness apps, gym equipment, and running watches. Wearing comfort is a critical aspect of any wearable device, and the COOSPO H6M addresses this with a fabric-made chest strap that is both comfortable and secure during intense workouts. The adjustable strap, ranging from 25 to 36 inches, caters to a wide demographic, ensuring a snug fit that doesn’t compromise comfort or accuracy.

COOSPO Heart Rate Monitor

The device’s compatibility with over 200 apps, including popular ones like Wahoo Fitness, Strava, Polar Beat, and Zwift, underscores its versatility. This feature enhances its utility and positions the H6M as a heart rate monitoring solution that can adapt to various training and fitness activities. Durability is another crucial feature, with the H6M being water- and sweatproof (IPX67-rated), ensuring it can withstand the rigors of heavy training sessions. The 400-hour battery life, powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery, minimizes maintenance and ensures the device is always ready for action.


  • Accurate Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring: The H6M’s high-performance sensor provides professional-grade heart rate data, essential for optimizing training and accurately monitoring fitness levels.
  • Broad Connectivity: With Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ technology, the H6M ensures seamless compatibility with various devices and applications, making it a versatile choice for users with diverse fitness gadgets and preferences.
  • Comfortable and Adjustable: The fabric chest strap is designed for comfort and stability, preventing slippage during workouts. The adjustable length caters to a wide range of body sizes, enhancing user experience.
  • Extensive App Compatibility: Supporting over 200 apps, the H6M allows users to continue using their favorite fitness platforms while integrating heart rate data for a comprehensive fitness analysis.
  • Durability: The water and sweatproof design, coupled with a long-lasting battery, ensures the H6M can withstand intense workouts and varied environmental conditions, making it a reliable fitness companion.


  • Battery Replacement Required: While the 400-hour battery life is impressive, replacing the CR2032 battery could be inconvenient compared to rechargeable alternatives.
  • Potential Compatibility Issues: Despite its broad compatibility, users may need help integrating the H6M with less standard devices or older technology, requiring additional troubleshooting.
  • Brand: COOSPO
  • Material: Nylon, Plastic
  • Color: H6M HRM
  • Compatible Devices: Smartphones and other devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+
  • Screen Size: Not applicable (sensor device without a display)
  • Item Weight: 50 Grams
  • Sensor Type: Wearable heart rate sensor
  • Battery Description: Lithium-Ion (CR2032), replaceable
  • Key Features:
    • Accurate real-time heart rate data tracking with a high-performance sensor
    • Unlimited connectivity options via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ for broad compatibility with fitness apps and devices
    • Comfortable and adjustable chest strap made of fabric, adjustable length from 25-36 inches (60-95 cm)
    • Compatible with over 200 apps, including Wahoo Fitness, Strava, Polar Beat, DDP Yoga, Zwift, and more
    • Water and sweatproof design (IPX67 rated), capable of handling intense workout sessions
    • Long battery life of 400 hours, ensuring minimal maintenance
    • Backed by COOSPO’s 1-year exchange warranty and lifetime technical support for added peace of mind

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 Pairing the H6M is straightforward. Ensure the device is on and the chest strap is in contact with your skin to activate the sensor. Then, enable Bluetooth or ANT+ on your smartphone, GPS bike computer, or compatible fitness device and search for the H6M under available devices. Once detected, select the H6M to establish a connection. Follow the app’s instructions for adding a heart rate monitor for specific app pairings.

The H6M is waterproof and sweatproof with an IPX67 rating, making it suitable for wet conditions, including heavy sweat and rain. However, it’s not designed for swimming or submerged activities. For water sports, it’s advisable to check its water-resistant capabilities’ depth and duration limitations.

The H6M is powered by a CR2032 battery, lasting approximately 400 hours. Battery replacement depends on usage frequency, but with regular use, you might find yourself replacing it once a year or less. 

The H6M boasts compatibility with over 200 fitness apps, including popular ones like Strava, Wahoo Fitness, Polar Beat, and Zwift. While it covers a broad spectrum of applications, there may be exceptions. It’s recommended to check the compatibility of the H6M with your preferred fitness app before purchase.

If you encounter accuracy issues, ensure the chest strap is moistened (which improves conductivity) and fits snugly against your skin. Check that the sensor is correctly positioned at the center of your chest. Also, verify that the H6M is fully charged and closely positioned to the connected device to avoid signal disruption. If problems persist, consult COOSPO’s customer support for assistance.

 The COOSPO H6M distinguishes itself through its accurate real-time heart rate tracking, extensive device and app compatibility, comfortable and adjustable chest strap, and durable design suitable for intense workouts. Its balance of performance, comfort, and connectivity makes it a competitive option for fitness enthusiasts looking for reliable heart rate data.

The COOSPO H6M chest strap is like a secret weapon for your workouts. It accurately tracks your heart rate so you can push yourself harder and see results. Plus, it’s comfy enough to wear all day and works with many apps and devices so that you can ditch the juggling act. Whether you’re a gym rat or a weekend warrior, the H6M will be your silent cheerleader, helping you reach your fitness goals without fuss. So ditch the doubts, grab the H6M, and get ready to crush it!