CatXQ Smart Ring for iOS Android

CatXQ Smart Ring for iOS Android
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The CatXQ Smart Ring is here to make your life effortlessly tech-savvy. Imagine this: a sleek, stylish ring that replaces your gym pass, work ID, and business card, letting you make calls and send SOS alerts with a simple tap. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? But this ring is genuine and ready to transform your daily routine.
Think about it – no more rummaging through your bag for the right card; just a quick touch and you’re in. Need to call your friend? Tap, and it’s done. Feeling unsafe? A discreet tap sends an SOS to your loved ones. Plus, it’s waterproof and rugged enough to handle anything you throw at it (or drop on it!). Whether you’re a techie who loves gadgets or wants to simplify life, the CatXQ Smart Ring is worth checking out. It’s more than just a fancy ring; it’s a gateway to a smarter, smoother way of living. So buckle up because as we explore its features, pros, cons, and everything else you need to know, you might find yourself adding this little piece of future to your finger.

CatXQ Smart Ring for iOS Android

  •  Item Weight: 0.317 ounces
  • Brand: CatXQ
  • Pattern:  Solid

Product Review

The CatXQ Smart Ring is a marvel of modern wearable technology, designed to blend style with functionality. At its core, the ring features built-in IC and ID modules, allowing users to simulate four smart cards concurrently. This means you can effortlessly integrate access cards, elevator cards, time cards, parking cards, membership cards, shopping cards, and other RFID cards into a single, wearable device. Reading and writing to these modules is as straightforward as with ordinary cards, offering a seamless transition for users. Furthermore, the ring’s built-in NFC module opens up possibilities. From making virtual calls and receiving scene notifications to sharing business cards and memos, the NFC capabilities ensure that users can perform a wide range of actions quickly and efficiently.

CatXQ Smart Ring

Compatibility is another strong suit of the CatXQ Smart Ring. Moreover, the ring comes in various sizes, catering to user preferences and ensuring a comfortable fit. One of the most notable aspects of the CatXQ Smart Ring is its maintenance-free design. Thanks to its passive NFC and RFID functionality, it doesn’t require battery charging unlike many tech gadgets. This, combined with its IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, means that it can be worn in almost any environment, whether you’re at the gym, swimming, or caught in the rain. The ceramic material used in its construction gives it a sleek, sophisticated look and ensures durability, resistance to abrasion, and longevity.


  • Versatility: Simulates up to four ID/IC smart cards simultaneously, reducing the need to carry multiple cards.
  • NFC Functionality: Enables quick trigger actions such as phone calls, business card sharing, and SOS signals.
  • Wide Compatibility: Supports a broad range of iOS and Android devices.
  • Maintenance-Free: Does not require battery charging, offering convenience and ease of use.
  • Durability: Waterproof, dustproof, and made from anti-abrasive ceramic, ensuring longevity.


  • Learning Curve: Users unfamiliar with NFC and RFID technology may need time to utilize the ring’s capabilities fully.
  • Size Limitations: While available in various sizes, finding the perfect fit may still be challenging for some users.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad accessibility.
  • Smart Card Simulation: Capable of simulating up to four ID/IC smart cards simultaneously, including access cards, elevator cards, time cards, parking cards, membership cards, shopping cards, and other RFID cards.
  • NFC Functionality: Equipped with a built-in NFC module for virtual calls, scene notifications, business card sharing, memo sharing, and other cloud services.
  • Sizes Available: Comes in multiple sizes to fit various users; No.8 (Perimeter 57.1 mm), No.9 (Perimeter 60 mm), No.10 (Perimeter 62.8 mm), No.11 (Perimeter 66 mm), and No.12 (Perimeter 70 mm).
  • Maintenance-Free: It does not require battery charging, leveraging passive NFC and RFID technologies for operation.
  • Durability and Design: Features IP68 waterproof and dustproof rating, made from anti-abrasive ceramic material resistant to fading, abrasion, and deformation.
  • Wearable for All Occasions: Designed to be suitable for all occasions, whether formal or casual and can withstand various activities, including swimming and exercising.
  • After-Sales Service: Offers 24-hour after-sales service for any issues or operational guidance needed with the product.

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Use a dedicated read-write device compatible with the CatXQ Smart Ring to copy or authorize your existing smart cards (such as access, elevator, parking, membership cards, etc.) onto the ring. 

While the CatXQ Smart Ring excels in simulating ID/IC smart cards and facilitating NFC-based sharing and triggers, it is not designed for direct financial transactions or contactless payments.

If the ring is lost, immediately use the dedicated read-write device to revoke or delete the permissions and access controls you had set up on the ring to prevent unauthorized use of your simulated cards.

The CatXQ Smart Ring boasts an IP68 waterproof rating, making it suitable for swimming, showering, and other water-related activities without risk of damage.

No, the ring operates without a battery and does not require charging. Its functionality is powered by passive NFC and RFID technologies, which require no power source from the ring.

Constructed from high-quality, anti-abrasive ceramic, the CatXQ Smart Ring is designed to be durable and resistant to fading and deforming, ensuring longevity even with daily wear.

The CatXQ Smart Ring is here to revolutionize your daily life. Imagine a ring that unlocks your door, pays for your coffee, and shares your contact info – all with a simple tap. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? But this ring is real, changing how we interact with the world around us. This isn’t just another gadget; it’s your assistant on your finger. Ditch the juggling act of keys, cards, and phones – the CatXQ ring stores them all securely. No more scrambling for your ID at the gym or fumbling with your phone to pay at the store. Just tap and go! Plus, the CatXQ ring is built to last. No need to worry about charging (it never needs it!), and its waterproof design means you can wear it worry-free, rain or shine. It’s also stylish and comfortable so you can rock it with anything from your gym gear to your work outfit.
Of course, no tech is perfect, and there’s a learning curve for those new to NFC and RFID technology. But trust me, the benefits far outweigh the initial setup. This ring is a glimpse into the future, where our digital lives seamlessly blend with the physical world.
So, are you ready to ditch the bulky stuff and embrace the future? The CatXQ Smart Ring is waiting to transform your life. It’s more than just a ring; it’s a statement about how we connect, interact, and live in our increasingly digital world. Leap and experience the future right on your finger!