3 Pack Bands for Fitbit Luxe Bands 

3 Pack Bands for Fitbit Luxe Bands

This 3 Pack Bands blends style and smarts, and to add to its appeal, there’s an excellent accessory pack out there. It includes three soft silicone bands in different colors to swap in and out, plus a screen protector to keep your tracker scratch-free. This review dives into the details, exploring what the 3 Pack Bands offers, how well it works, and if it’s worth your money. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or want to protect your Luxe in style, this review will help you decide if this accessory pack is your perfect match.

3 Pack Bands for Fitbit Luxe Bands 

3 Pack Bands for Fitbit Luxe Bands
  •  Color: Black+White+Gray
  • Department:  unisex-adult

Product Review

This 3 Pack Bands includes three silicone sports bands and a TPU screen protector case designed to fit seamlessly with the Fitbit Luxe fitness watch. These 3 Pack Bands cater to different wrist sizes, which are small (4.9-6.7 inches) and large (6.1-7.9 inches), ensuring a comfortable fit for almost every user. The bands are made from a premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material, known for its flexibility and durability. This material offers a soft, comfortable feel against the skin, which makes 3 Pack Bands ideal for all-day wear and intense workout sessions.

3 Pack Bands for Fitbit Luxe Bands

The TPU material is also sweat-resistant and easy to clean, crucial for maintaining hygiene after exercising. The attention to comfort and hygiene reflects a deep understanding of the fitness enthusiasts’ needs and challenges. The screen protector case made from TPU material covers the front and curved edges of the Fitbit Luxe, offering comprehensive protection against dust, scratches, drops, and impacts. The case is designed to be sensitive to touch, ensuring that the responsiveness of the Fitbit Luxe’s screen is not compromised, which is essential for maintaining the device’s usability and functionality.


  • Compatibility and Size Options: The bands are designed for the Fitbit Luxe, ensuring a perfect fit. The availability of two sizes makes it accessible to a broader audience.
  • Superior Material: Using premium TPU material for both the bands and the screen protector case ensures durability, comfort, and ease of maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The screen protector case offers full coverage, safeguarding the device against everyday wear and tear.
  • Easy Installation: The design of the bands allows for easy installation and removal, providing convenience and versatility.
  • Multiple Color Choices: With various colors available, users can personalize their Fitbit Luxe according to their style and preference.


  • Limited Style Options: While the bands offer various colors, the style and design are uniforms, which might only cater to some fashion preferences.
  • Bulkiness: The screen protector case might add bulk to the otherwise sleek design of the Fitbit Luxe, potentially affecting its aesthetic appeal.
  • Compatible Model and Sizes:
    • Designed specifically for the Fitbit Luxe Fitness Watch.
    • Small size fits wrists 4.9-6.7 inches (125 mm-170 mm).
    • Large size fits wrists 6.1-7.9 inches (155 mm-200 mm).
    • Luxe Tracker is omitted.
  • Superior Material:
    • Bands made from premium Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material.
    • Prevents skin from irritation.
    • It offers flexible durability while maintaining softness and comfort.
    • Sweat-resistant, lightweight, and easy to clean.
  • Watch Strap Case Included:
    • Protective case made of TPU material.
    • It covers the entire front and curved edges of the Fitbit Luxe.
    • Provides comprehensive protection against dust, scratches, drops, and impacts.
    • The screen protector case is touch-sensitive and durable.
  • Perfect Fits:
    • The specially designed strap seamlessly fits into the Fitbit Luxe and locks securely.
    • Easy to install and remove.
    • It features a sturdy buckle and fail-safe loops to keep the watch secure.
  • Multiple Color Choices:
    • Various colors available for personalization.
    • Suitable for both women and men.
    • Allows users to match their Fitbit Luxe with their outfits and mood in daily life.

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The 3 Pack Bands are designed for easy installation and removal, allowing users to switch them out without much effort.

Absolutely; the screen protector case is a separate accessory and can be used with or without the included 3 Pack Bands.

The screen protector case is designed to be touch-sensitive, ensuring that the functionality of the Fitbit Luxe’s screen is not hindered.

Yes, the TPU material of the 3 Pack Bands and screen protector case is sweat-resistant and can handle moisture, making them suitable for exercise and daily use.

 It’s best to check with the seller or manufacturer for warranty information, as policies may vary.

Made with comfy materials and coming in a bunch of colors, these 3 Pack Bands with Screen Protector Case look good and shield your tracker from bumps and scratches, whether crushing a workout or just going about your day. 3 Pack Bands might be a tad bulky, and the colors might not suit everyone’s taste, but the protection and panache 3 Pack Bands offer make up for it. This 3 Pack Bands is like a magic potion for your tracker, making it last longer and turning it into a hot fashion accessory.